Thursday, March 10, 2011


The team closed May issue today. And usually when its closing, social life grinds to a halt. Although today wasn't bad. We stayed in the office till 1130pm only. Yay! =) Rewind to the start of the day. I parked in the building beside our office and attempted to walk the rocky terrain in heels. Cmon, if international Editors can do it in JakandJil, so can I. Easier said than done, even went as far as getting sammiches and drinks at Starbucks for Mads (Mother P) and Bincht before testing out my new iron will.

Its about a 5 min walk. Not hard yes? But then theres a slope in that time frame that gently descends and ends in this gouged out concrete road thats been weathered by a gazimillion tire tracks carrying heaploads of whatever. So in other words, bako-bako parang crater ng moon. My heels were a decent 4 inches. SO shouldn't be too hard to navigate. But with the tote on one hand and a paper bag on the other, the tightrope had to be crossed in trembling ankles and about-to-get-cramped calves. Or maybe I was just stressing too much, but silently in my head, I was praying, Dear Lord, just get me through this patch without slipping, falling on my ass, and hurting myself. I know karma is digital but please don't punish me just because I thought I was good enough to replace practicality with vanity. But then I made it, (and it was only about 5 seconds), and I was once again back in solid smooth concrete.(Funny how this bargaining strategy also comes up when my plane hits turbulence: Lord please forgive me for all my sins. Ikaw na bahala.)

Maybe I should try it again tomorrow. Wouldn't hurt to have some extreme sports in my life.

So there, didn't go anywhere today. Was just in the office with the team discussing the next issue. Sooper excited about it. Although, it never fails. Pre-production and discussing ideas, trends and how to make Preview consistently dynamic always excite me. Really thankful that I know I'm exactly where I need to be. Happy and passionate at that too. Mother P, think that love letter thing is getting to me.

Anyyyyhoooooo. Straying off the path (why do i always do that?). Even if I was just in the office, theres always something interesting to snapparize. Preview team pa, they always come in like theres an event. I'm not exaggerating.

Heres bincht with his gray wolf sweater and Skeletor shoes. hm, a tad bit washed out here yea? (The high-tops I mean)
So, heres a close up. Not a franchise of the He-Man animation. Hehe. The label is not called "Made in Italy" also. Ano Buuuzzz. Nakasulat lang sa tounge eh, akala mo yun na. kalurks.
Heres a side view:
And a rear one:
Sige nga, kung fashyon ka talaga, guess mo kung anong brand to. If you win, you get bragging rights of the day. Wooohooo!!! =)


tim(O.o) said...

omg , wild guess DSQUARED2 *_*

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Tim!! Check! Korek! Phaaaak! =) siguro ginoogle mo no? =p

cholo dela vega said...


s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

CDV!! How are you? Havent seen you since Lizs birthday! Busy ba? Nice guess though, but nope, it's Dsquared.

cholo dela vega said...


I'm good and super jubesity, you?

BTW, this blog is SUPER addicting! I love that its now updated every time I visit unlike before na 48 light years hehe. How you write is soooo entertaining, so beki! haha

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Thanks Chols, haha. Writing it is addicting too. Hay nako, yes, I know the 48 light years moment. Thing is, like exercising, (which I never do), one always needs to find time. Charot.

Oonga eh, I'm a certified fag hag, hence the reason why my language is like duutt. Pero basta as long as I'm becky--happy!! haha.

tim(O.o) said...

ano bayan , kalurkeeey
at least effort nang bongga hahahaha
+ remember nothing comes out right in google if you dont type in the right key wods , debah *_*