Thursday, July 28, 2011


Remember i was telling you guys about that bad Mexican resto that I'm never going to go to again? Well, heres the complete story. It's this small resto at the Fort, that area where Embassy used to be. We wanted to try it out since it was new and conveniently enough, that time, Fete dela Musique was held in the same general area. So there we were ready for a good night out. We ordered, boyf and i, same time, me first, then him. And then we sat down and waited for our food.

Good thing Paolo L and company was there so the conversation was good, we didn't realize the time. But my order, a taco, got to our table after 30 minutes. That's not yet the bad part. Given that that was Fete dela Musique and the resto was packed. I understand. What I don't understand is how boyf's order which came right after mine wasn't served immediately after. And then i saw how people that were in line after us all got theirs complete already. So, (this was after 45 minutes from the ordering), i go up to the counter to ask why our order wasn't there yet, and the cashier (in charge of the order slip line up), had the nerve pa to be angry. No apology. Nothing. They forgot it completely. It was the waiter pa, who wasn't involved in the whole thing that said sorry. Err, parang, he had more manners pa.

And then when it was already an hour and still no Taco in sight (how hard is it to make a Taco?) i asked to speak to the manager. And the manager comes, listens to me halfheartedly, says a half-ass sorry and leaves. And guess what, the Taco still doesn't come. It came after 20 minutes. Like. Seriously. Seriously?! ONE HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES? I could have baked a cake! That manager could have handled it better, we waited for an hour already when i talked to him, a gracious bowl of chips or something sent our way would have showed they care enough to think about the customer. But as it is. Nothing. NOTHING!! I just couldn't believe that we waited an hour and a half for Tacos. Sana steak nalang diba? or Lechon? Siguro luto na yun after and hour and a half? Gaaaah. Tear hair out moment.

Anyway, on the good side, that same week, we discovered Chihuahua! Unlike the other resto that remains unnamed, Chihuahua is fast service and SUUPPPEEER good too. As en. Its as simple as the 1-4 steps.
Step 1: pick your meat. (Get the Pork!)
Step 2: choose how you want it: Taco? Burrito? Burrito bowl? Salad?
Step 3: if you want some more add-ons, like nachos or a chili bowl.
Step 4: what do you want to drink?
And they have a wall of fiery sauces. I die.
I got the burrito bowl, so good even AC loved it. And he doesn't like a lot.
And the Nacho Grande, with the sauces on the side since i don't like onions.
Didnt get a photo but the Chili is the best I've ever tasted. Like how best? I was there three times last week. Hehehehe. Its thick, rich, beany and spicy on top of a bed of Mexican rice. And not only that, their Margaritas managed to smooth out my heartache (which i unbelievably had for the whole of last week). Not. Exaggerating. You need to try it to believe.

Makati Avenue,
Beside Time and right across A.venue
See you there!


Everyone knows that we did back to back parties this year for our anniversary. Months prior to the two bacchanalian debaucheries, I've already taken my liver out for push-ups. Muscled and fit so that the free flowing alcohol could be met with proper exercise and stamina. Heeeh.

The Topshop party was the first, of course British high street would be the uniform. I went in feminine boho. Although my first pick was just a white frock and a leather cropped jacket. Effortless. British. (I only wanted to get drunk and party in an easy ensemble!) But one look from Vince (we picked our outfits together) and he goes, uh, NO!! He said: "I imagine you in a maxi skirt with lots of layers, this white dress is sooooo not you." FINE.

Hence the final outfit choice: a deep-v caftan, layered with a ruffled top, and still layered some more by a printed poncho. I cinched the dress with a lilac leather obi and added the floppy hat. I mean, if I'm going in bohemian luxe, i might as well take it all the way. So here we go!! =)

Shouldn't it be fish and chips? ahihihihi.
Pick your poison. Didn't notice it then, but were the drinks supppose to reflect the British flag?
The boys were the early birds. DJ Mars provided the first of the nights soundtracks.
Cholo Dela Vega looking dapper, and oddly missing his camera.
I see Prada brogues.
Mond and his checkered on checkered look.
Happy Andrada (on right) with her sister.
Anna Canlas, our Fashion Assistant and resident "hubadera" in a 40s Slims dress reproduced by Slims student Tsarina Inocian with designer Tina Daniac.
Olivia Soriano and Pia Abad of SM.
One of my favorite outfits of the night, Bea Soriano in a classic LBD made British by a fascinator. Here with Eric Dee.
Divine looking divine!
Fantastic four! Super talented designers Noel Crisostomo, Jerome Ang, Chris Diaz and Joel Escober.
It's all in the details, version Epoy.
Its the O Gang! Di pa to complete!
Liz in an Ivarluski Aseron jacket and YSL Tribs.
I love Robi Lolin and M Barretto!
Si palaka Julius Tarog looking surprisingly proper.
M&M. Mano wearing M Barretto. Ultra love that jacket.
First look at ACDCs outfits. Maxi skirt on me, thorn on AC. Haha. Here with M, Julius and Jot Losa.
The surprise DJ of the night didn't want to use the house equipment, so they had to take it out.
And replaced it with his own deck. Whoooaaaaaa.
Its Sam Milby!
Setting up.
And getting the party started. In fairness, it was a good mix of danceable pop, the kind thats best when its taken with heaps of alcohol.
Raffy, Pauline, Eugene and Vince. Sorry mother, i think i pushed your face there a bit with my floppy hat, Actually, i just realized that wearing a hat with a brim that wide makes you lose friends. They cant really come close. Hahahaha.
And this was how it was as the night progressed. Bum, Earl, Roy.
Thank you to Omar Ermita of Shu Uemura for making me pretty that night.
And thank you to our fabulous publisher Tara! (on far left) I know you said you didn't want to be seen in my blog but sorry, can't help. You make the parties happen!! Congratulations! Hehehehe.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know I've heaped on the praises for Nail Spa's divine treatment of my nails but let me say it again. Unlike other nail salons, the attendants do not go at my fingers and toes like they're digging out treasure. The two times I want to this pricey nail place at the mall, i had nicks and cuts, which for me is really, REALLY annoying, not to mention painful. Never went back there again.

Nail Spa I swear is hand and feet heaven. Im not even exaggerating. The way they do it--its like a feathery caress. See, I'm even spouting poetry. It's really a spa in the sense that having my nails done is equivalent to getting a massage--so relaxing and super enjoyable.
Plus the fact that they have an amazing polish selection! Warning though, picking just one shade can be quite a challenge.

Their new ones in: A England with their range of liquid chromes. So sleek and chic!
And it comes with too cool Medieval names too. I'd like a Merlin please.
I chose this one from Barry M. That liquid/metallic sheen is not because of the topcoat, the polish is really like that. Love eet.
And I've been waiting for this to come out. Especially Peridot.
And they had it too! Too late coz i had Barry M on already when they brought it out. Gaaaah. Love that swirly iridescent finish on Peridot, it's actually quite visible on the side of the bottle. A trippy mix of pale yellow and dragon scale green.
Which reflects yellow gold or lime depending on the angle. Here on Mother P.

Nail Spa
5/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall
6874991 or 6877011
Unit 106 First Midland Bldg.
109 Gamboa st.
Legaspi Village,
Makati City
8173128 or 8300702


Cinemalaya will always be a joy to AC and I. We've been going every year for as long as I can remember. Today was even more special since the movie at 6pm had a personal invitation from Marlon Rivera. It was his directorial debut for his movie "And Babae sa Septic Tank."

Don't let the vintage feel of the poster fool you though, this movie was modernly brilliant. Written by Chris Martinez, it was serious and hilarious at the same time. Eugene Domingo is perfect here. Ang galing galing nya. As en. Wala akong masabi. I recommend this to anyone who wants to watch something other than mainstream teleserye turned into bigscreen fodder. I would like to describe the plot, but I don't think it'll do justice. Just please watch it and tell me what you think. I super loved it.
Congratulations Marlon! I don't know what to call you now. Direk na ba? Heeh. AC says he's like the Karl Lagerfeld of the Philippines. Let me expound, *deep breath* okay here we go: He's the President of the advertising agency Publicis Manila, he's also a brilliant fashion designer (loved his Holiday offering in Fashion Week), a florist (Blue Barn), a makeup artist, a stylist, a teacher, in other words a creative multi-tasker. I don't even know where he gets his energy to do all. But he does and excels in everything too. Congratulations again!
The theater was sold out.
But managed to save seats for AC and Alan.
And pre-show, while I was looking at the schedules, (I was there alone at first), someone kissed me on the cheek! It was Cibo (Michael, see, told you I have a tendency to create names), back from the U.S. staying for two weeks before leaving the country for good. =) super pleasant surprise! We always bump into each other in Cinemalaya, and since he was alone, and i had an extra ticket, I dragged him to watch the show with us na din.
Here are other Cinemalaya posters. is it me or are they better looking than big budgeted ones? Very graphic, very clean, very me.
I want to watch three more films if my schedule permits, as Cinemalaya runs through the whole week, and is also showing in Greenbelt 3. Zombadings is on Saturday at 1145 midnight at CCP and its the only screening. Maaaaaan.
Oh, and Cherry Pie, (close?) who had a hilarious cameo in the film. She's in this other film also called Isda, about a woman who gave birth to a fish. Should be indie-resting. (interesting, get it? Heeeeeeh.) tulog na nga ako.
Thats eeet.