Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Guess who's wearing Cary? And mamatay na sa inggit, she's a freaking size zero.

I'm guessing those joints are a dead give away. look closely and those are hand pleated micro folds. Laser cut in filigree design. Kill me now.

It's Barbie!!! Wearing Cary Santiago couture!! She doesn't even have to work to earn a living and she gets to wear Cary?! Grrr.

Emote moment. Girl, Ken is gay. Please.

The micro detailing is fantastic!

Layered fan detail icing dress.

I bet every engaged girl wants to be her right now. Me, I want the 5 karat engagement ring first. Etchos.

Para sa Ninang na Madame, diba Car?

@.@ < swirly eyed from all that intricateness. Effort!

And they all lived happily ever after.

Cary Santiago Barbies will be auctioned off at the CCP. Watch this space for further details.


In Bottega Venetta inspired hair, looking like a sci-fi bootlegger in a tailored trench and man wedges.

It makes time traveling possible. Custodio Jewelry.


I've been comparing these two photos and rationalizing why i look thinner on the first and heavier on the second. Mind you, theres no liquifying to death happening here, i reposted it as it is, i think it's really about the angles. The first one was taken higher up, the second one, lower. *note to self the next time*

Moving on. I was at the mall, (sourcing of course, hell, I practically live there), when this group of young uns' approached me, they were all toting cameras, so I knew even before they had the chance to explain that they were stylehunting. That was the easy part.

As I stood in my signature pose outside GB5, they all took positions 180 degrees around me. Paparazzi level! Like, whoa. Honestly? Na overwhelm ako. Haha. My camera never even stood a chance. Pretty cool actually. Check their website and just to stoke your egocentric fires, they post your photo with all the angles on the sidebar. (Duts a lotta work!) And not only that, they get your email address, and send all the files to you. Sweet. And! Last! Unlike photographing the scene (where people are dressed because there's an event), they capture people in life mode, like what you are in reality. Now why didn't I think of that? Check their site here: http://www.manilastreetstyle.com/

Yah, duts me. On a not so normie day.

Hah. And here's me passing off a top for a dress and looking 5 pounds heavier. Ugh. Check out the other photos here: stylebible.ph

Monday, February 22, 2010


It was a visual guy feast at Garage's party at Fiamma. You just have to take my word for it since I didn't want my: "Excuse me, can I take your photo?" be mistaken for a pick up line. Pffffft. As if that's enough witty banter to pique anyones interest. Either that or we were just too distracted by the free flowing booze and I was too lazy to go around and snapparize. We didn't drink that much really, we just ran the bar dry and closed the place down.

We came in our party hearts, err, hats.

And blue seems to be the favorite color. I was actually wondering what we were celebrating. And it turned out to be Manilas hot new things? Or something to that effect. Rey, help me out here. I just got confused coz they also awarded girls too. (For those living under a rock, Garage is a bi-monthly Men's magazine) Designers Boop and Kim Yap in their own creations. Love that cyan color!

Metro Fashion Editor Mela De Luna in an electric blue mini with a lacy bright yellow slip thats too sexy for my love.

Creative-of-all-trades, photog/stylist/artist/designer/blogger Jujiin in asexually asymmetric tunics. I've got to say that Jujiin will always be one of the rarest style individuals in the city. He can even give Japanese people a run for their money. Check his blog here: Jujiin.com

Designer Gian tweaking leather for some edgy play on proportions.

Designer Julius Tarog in his reinterpretation of surface contrasts, micro pleats plus shine.

High-Low. Tailored blazer paired with gray sweats.

Chris Cayzer doing preppy.


This can SO work for women too. Why wasn't the Jimmy Choo's for H&M women's line as edchy as this?


I was sourcing in the mall, going through the racks when I saw this flash of color in the corner of my eye. The lady was wearing these fantastic tri-colored shoes. And again with the orange brights on the soles. And lemon colored heels. She turned out to be Ann Ong, owner of the brand Cosmopolitan which sells affordable high street designs at Crossings, Glorietta.

She proudly says she's 43, but look at her, she looks 30ish to me. Fab, fab, FAB!


To go with those cherries. How cute is that printed skirt? So quirky! I don't think I've ever seen one like it. Paired with a black corset top and a slim belt, she's as hot as those glossy reds she's wearing.


My previous post had the girl with the blinding orange mini, now its on Gerards buttondown. I can honestly say that I don't own one single orange piece in my whole wardrobe. But this pop of color looks great when worn right, on Gerard, its a striking contrast against the layered somber tailored hues, and a complement to the casual denim roll-ups. I like.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


When you've got a savvy street edge, overkill is actually cool.

Twisted necklaces.

Mash up bracelets.

Layered fringe and metal hardware.


Nice fringe detail.


It's amazing how she works her voluptuous body to full effect in a style that channels glamorous pin up girls. Instead of disguising her body in anti-fit, loose dresses, (which is the predictable and boring choice), she goes to the far extreme by rocking ultra hugging spandex, even going with leopard print underwear that glazes under the sheer top. I love how she finished her whole look with a coif updo, ultra lashes and pale pink lips.

Here's a close up. Flawless finish. Love, love, love it!! Cute Chanel earrings. Absolutely love that hue on her lips. She even has hot red nails going on!

Profile shot of her coif. She is so ready for a fashion ed! =)


Maricel goes to me: "You're going to love this Givenchy dress I got from Adora!" Yeeees, I actually do!! You know that rare dress that you try on and feel your heart skip a beat and say, ay, eto na talaga!! Well, this was that dress for her. Hugging her in all the right places, this tailored architectural dress with a cape comes with asymmetrical sleeves.

And the cape continues to the back in a peplum tailbone. With the back sporting some uberclean cut and sew details. The sleeves billow out into a fabulous batwing volume. Gandaaaatch!!


Gazimillion balloons for the kid in all of us. Whimsical ceiling at Kris's and James Birthday party at Felix, Greenbelt 5, February 14.


Brush stokes print plus op art patterns plus stripes. Still works for me. Jacket by Avel Bacudio.


Being a brand is all about marketing your name and putting yourself out there for everyone to recognize. Paul Herrera was designer of the day last Feb. 17 at this site which is a handbag designer network around the world. According to their registry, "Being selected as Handbag Designer of the Day allows you to alert the press and buyers of your recent coverage, create awareness for handbag aficionados to make your handbag a destination purchase, and gain support from your handbag designer contemporaries." This is how all designers should think. Globally. Check his page HERE.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


And we should be proud!
Rajo Laurel's cobweb dress lands in the cover of WWD Print Edition. This is what being a brand is all about. Kudos Rajo!
(photo credit: chuvaness.com)

And 2009 Ford Supermodel of the World 1st Runner Up Chat Almarvez walks NY Fashion week. Doesn't she look so very international already? BONGGAH!
(photo credit: style.com)

For more NY designer labels that Chat has strutted on, click here> Isha's blog on stylebible.ph


Saturday, February 20, 2010
2:00pm – 4:45pm

Master couturier Christian Espiritu shares his views on haute couture and its principles and standards, as well as its relevance to Philippine fashion.

Representing another generation, Cary Santiago follows with his perspectives on construction, as well as demonstrating the construction of a garment on a body form.

Finally, the conservationists from the National Museum will demonstrate how to clean, care for and store vintage textiles and gowns.

Sorry, there is a fee pala. My bad.

Museum entrance is P100 for individuals, P30 for local students upon presentation of student ID.
The lecture series is free.
Available slots: 100 for each of the talks

Registration is a MUST. Sign up HERE!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I'm not going to lie. Liz's birthday party chalks up as one of the bestest party EVER. It must be the intimate setting, it was a small pub, but it was packed with all her close friends. It could also be the undeniable effect of all that alcohol which came in waves and waves. Or it could also be the good mix of dance anthems and poppy omg-I-Love-this-song! moments. But it could also be the brilliant presence of glitter on the table that was too much of a temptation to just let it serve as decoration. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, so, as the Sound of Music goes, Lets start from the very beginning.

Liz in her birthday suit, a liquid shine spangle top by Noel Crisostomo. Definitely not the predictable party frock.

Isabelle Daza thought of having these balloons printed with Liz's signature quotes: "May booking!"


Overflowing Moet. As in literally copious amounts as I felt it poured down on me in the middle of all the debauchery.

Fashion on the style front: Bold shoulder for mens, Plaid Alexander McQueens.

And its contrast raglan at the back.

And speaking of backs, it was the focal point of sexiness that night. Lingerie thats meant to be seen with a see through Lace tank.

And display those toned back muscles with garterized cut outs. Im telling you, this outfit needs zero percent body fat as the elasticity on those bands are sure to produce muffin areas. As for Carla Humphries, cut out dress, achieved!

Bea Soriano looking ultraskinny in that olive jumpsuit.

The gorgeous women in Liz's life. If this was Romy and Michelle, they would be the A-group. Or if this was Clueless, they would be Cher's clique. Oh. You know what I mean. Girls-about-town: Cheska Garcia, Isabelle Daza, Bea Soriano, Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis.

Erwan Heusaff has got to be one of the few stylish men in the Metro.

Preview Magazine's new young guns, Cit-Cit Sioson and Anna Canlas. Dustin Reyes, at the back. =)

Cutie Fashion Photographer Ronnie Salvacion.

Preview EIC Pauline Suaco-Juan with ubercool hubby Raffy Juan.

Laureen Uy of stylebreak.multiply.com in super chic street sense.

If I'm reading the hand signs correctly, that would mean on Jake: Hang Loose. On Tim: Okay. So that's Hang Loose, Okay? Okay.



If I'm not mistaken, the arrival of designer Patrick Galang signaled the start of the Glitter wars. Dustin Reyes thought of putting glitter as base with the table settings. And this turned out to be the wipe weapon of choice for everyone that night.

Vince was one of the first who started getting the shine on. But not till he was covered with it first.



Mond in full military combat. Aviators and Jerome Loricos.

There was a lot of love going around that night. =)

Casualties of war. Glitterized Laureen and Sean Co.


We are family. Laureen, Vince and Liz Uy.