Sunday, February 14, 2010


Here's one unexpected surprise at the stylebible sale. To die for one-off accessories by Michelle Syjuco. Tough, hammered pieces that harken back to jousts, battles, knights and romance with its Medieval feel.

I wouldn't mind getting these tokens from my champion.


I'm armed for the style wars wearing this.

Err, why does everyone say this ring is so me? Definitely not for mums with kids though.

This one would be preferable. It's like having an encrusted treasure chest on your fingers.

Okay, this cuff looks small in proportion to the hand that its rested on, but the specs of this cuff is around 4"-5" in length. Whoah.

Cut stones set as statement rings.

Heres a couple that's a bit more symmetric.

Michelline Syjuco.

Preview EIC Pauline Syjuco busted out the checkbook and bought a couple on the spot, she got the heart shaped necklace 9 photos up.

Michelline Syjuco
Sculptor/Jewelry Artist
0906 315 0089

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Kookie B. said...

oh god..i'm lusting over those baubles.