Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A break from writing my column. How many times have you wanted to say this to someone? hahaha

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Piolo Pascual and menswear designer M Barretto.
Eeeek. I die. Sorry, pero diba naman! That smile was for me!!!! Eeek. hahaha. Backstage at the M's collection. His show explored a different concept from the usual runway setting. The models just trotted out, positioned themselves in a U formation, and stood still for 20 minutes. In a more intimate gathering, this would have worked, a sort of clothes on display like a gallery. But as it was a big crowd, I don't think the objective was achieved. The only thing it was able to do was, make the models more accessible to photo opportunists. We couldn't even see the pieces because the mob was so thick. Good thing Pauline, Preview's EIC, had the foresight to drag a team backstage to take a sort of lookbook snapshot of the clothes. Will post mine here after my article on M Barretto comes out this Saturday in Phil Star Supreme. In the meantime, Piolos photo will do. =)



p a g e b o y.

d r a p e s.



He's in my top ten. You'd think its the restrained lines and the wearable silhouettes? Actually, it's the ingenious manipulation of the oh-so-overused traditional fabrics: pina and abaca. Reworked, tweaked, draped and constructed to create these refreshingly new--architectural silhouettes. I was sort of worried that he might border on the cliche when he shared to me that he was working with organic materials a few months before. But boy was i wrong. This is directional and classic at the same time, and so very now.


Where's the end of the line?


w i r e d.

Listening to Delphic's Doubt as I was resizing these photos. Electronic music (awesome video!!) to go with the seriously cool sci-fi mutations of style.

The collection is untitled. I believe that for a suggestive and conceptual art/fashion, the audience must be the one gathering all the visual perception. Of course it’s our responsibility as a designer/artist to provide the core value of the collection: which is genetic expectations traversed with sci-fi direction. KERMIT TESORO

Despite the absence of a title we seem to have had great synchronicity in terms of materializing the concept without setting too many structural constraints and rules. The concept explored antiseptic and clinical aesthetics, anatomical alterations largely inspired by sci-fi themes of genetic splicing and human-robot hybrids. LEEROY NEW

Read my complete interview with Kermit and Leeroy HERE.

p a n e l l e d.

h o r n y.

d r i p.

e x o s k e l e t o n s.

h e l l r a i s e r.

t u b e s.

f r i n g e.

w e a v e.

a r m o r.

b r i d e.

s o l a r.

e n d.

Photo credits: Mark Buenaobra, Earl Semitara. Thanks guys, you rock.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I need an intern. (as if that isn't obvious) hehe. I need someone with good taste, can work hard, and doesn't have a curfew. Email me CVs at if interested.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



Jacket: Phillip Rodriguez
Long sleeve tee: F&H
Shorts: Eairth
Shoes: Michael Antonio


Chica girl of the moment, Eloise in wide legged cargoes, I think the briefcase adds that surprising masculine twist. Check!

Ilonggo designers Bo Parcon and Don Protasio in cowls and layers.

Margiela VS Heels.

Ria Bolivar in model off duty uniform.

Of course had to grab some off, since I didn't have enough time to go around and snapparize.

Not only is BJ a talented photographer, he's also one spiffy dresser.

Clean line and layered blacks on Cit-Cit Sioson.

If denim on denim was to be done right, it must look like this.

Loris Pena in a touch of literal military.