Thursday, June 24, 2010


w i r e d.

Listening to Delphic's Doubt as I was resizing these photos. Electronic music (awesome video!!) to go with the seriously cool sci-fi mutations of style.

The collection is untitled. I believe that for a suggestive and conceptual art/fashion, the audience must be the one gathering all the visual perception. Of course it’s our responsibility as a designer/artist to provide the core value of the collection: which is genetic expectations traversed with sci-fi direction. KERMIT TESORO

Despite the absence of a title we seem to have had great synchronicity in terms of materializing the concept without setting too many structural constraints and rules. The concept explored antiseptic and clinical aesthetics, anatomical alterations largely inspired by sci-fi themes of genetic splicing and human-robot hybrids. LEEROY NEW

Read my complete interview with Kermit and Leeroy HERE.

p a n e l l e d.

h o r n y.

d r i p.

e x o s k e l e t o n s.

h e l l r a i s e r.

t u b e s.

f r i n g e.

w e a v e.

a r m o r.

b r i d e.

s o l a r.

e n d.

Photo credits: Mark Buenaobra, Earl Semitara. Thanks guys, you rock.


Ashley said...

Wow! The heels are awesome reminds me of Dsquared!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pieces of work! congratulations...

the armor suit reminded me of Coppolas' Dracula veiny red armor (its by a japanese designer whose name escapes me) as well as the body suit of Jennifer Lopez in the Cell (not sure if its from the same designer of the Dracula movie)


Knot Theory Neckties said...

Wow stunning collection! I love structured looks. Love the sci-fi feel in this collection too.

I just discovered you site today.... very cool discovery :)

I'm a designer (Knot Theory - avant garde neckties for men and women), and we recently did a photoshoot with a "hint of samurai". It's not how I discovered your site, but I thought you might like it. (

Keep up the fab work, style samurai!