Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The position has not been filled so yes, please send in those CVs and resumes to stylesamurai.stylesamurai@gmail.com

Just additional specifics:
1. I'm looking for full time assistants--and as much as i want to work with you talented students--if you're still in school, Im sorry to say, this position will not be workable for you.
2. Please attach current photos in your resumes.

Dats eet. Gootnight!


I'm not Kikay. Period. I don't have a beauty regimen, (a constant disappointment for our contributing Beauty Editor Agoo, She worries about my skin more than i do. Heeh) and my makeup consists of foundation (for events), blush and lipstick. I don't own an eyelash curler, until i recently got a Chanel one as a gift. I don't do mascaras and I've only just recently discovered make-up removers. I'm that in the dark about these things, so it was more like a "hey--what do I have to lose" attitude when we went to Dr. Aivees clinic in Burgos Circle at the Fort. Initially, Vince wanted to do consultation and since I was a bit curious if there was anything she could do about these two dark spots in my face, i tagged along.

A brief history: I've never had peeling my whole life. Virgin skin. And I've only had a facial once. Yup, thats about it. I've tried diet pills and had my hair color changed more than I have been in a dermas clinic.

So to have this greet me once i stepped off the elevator was disarming. I thought i walked into a suite by mistake. I liked the fact that the clinic had a whole hotel vibe to it. Posh. Definitely upscale. And if she took time out to choose an aesthetically symmetric logo that's tasteful, then Im pretty sure the service would be equally up to par.
And the lobby in soft pinks.
In contrast, for my consultation, and eventually my treatment, I was led into this room that was clinically spotless, all future white with high-tech equipments. Impressed. Haha. Dr. Aivee recommended Fraxel for me, I didn't even know what that meant but in laymens terms, it was a kind of non-invasive procedure with lasers that makes these microscopic wounds so that it triggers the body's natural response to heal. In other words, the face is sort of given a push to renew itself. Not a lot of downtime but a lot of sunblock and cream needed for the healing. So, okay. GO! They had to put anesthesia cream on my face for 30 minutes, but the process itself only took around 15.

I learned something new about myself that day. My face puffed and rosy-ed right after the procedure, like being burned from staying in the beach all day-- and this was normal. Patients usually go straight home and recover--standard SOP. But i still went to meetings after that, even a movie at the end of the day. I would rather face people with an angry blush than go to an event underdressed. I put more concern on my sartorial uniform than how my face looked. Haha.

Sidetracked, but was it worth it? He'll yeah, my skin after two weeks, has this suppleness and freshness that's amazing. I want to go back for more!!

Took photos of Dr. Aivees on the job dress code. She was of course part of the Preview 2010 Best Dressed List. Loved the bangles.
Thanks for making that experience relatively easy and stress free Doc! I'll see you soon.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I can't really say if I'm a workaholic or not. I try to deny it like some gurgling under the radar illness but then it comes out when i least expect it. I went out of town for Saturday and Sunday since i felt like I deserved some quiet, rest and good food--time well spent to kick off the 4 day weekend. That was easy, but when i came back into town and decided that it was time to let go of work, momentarily clear my mind, unanchor the mobile and just a read a book. I felt like i was missing something. I felt restless. Like i needed to be working since it was after all still a Monday.

But I fought it and instead i found myself devouring the new book in kindle: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children which i bought this morning but finished now. Yesterday was finishing another book: World War Z, which incidentally I bought on friday. 342 pages, done in two nights. And now, since i have nothing else to do, instead of catching up on rest, I'm here online, updating. What I'm trying to say is... wait, ano nga ba? Haha. Eto, eto, To get maximum peace of mind, I tried to slow down my pace, I forced myself to go off the grid. Like not check emails, not blog, not attach my phone to my grip, but noooooooo.... It's an addiction, total blackout is death. Waaah Okay, melodramatic but at least now I know I really can't stay away. Its the pull. *shrug shoulders* Can't fight it, at least recognizing it is the first step. Hahahah.

Sowries, psycho babble. Anyhoo, backtracking to the Kiehl's event. 160 years. Wow. If that's not heritage, then I don't know what is.
The event called for vintage tees as the dress code. But I went instead in a vintage dress, channelling London with a porkpie hat and this seasons love for anything spotty and midi. Two trends in one. Check! Secretary dressing lang. Incidentally, this was the day after the Fashion Ball. Still had that pussy-bow hangover. Heeh. =)
And on to the peeps, Adrian and Raymond, long lost brothers hamming it up.
Yes, Preview girls do eat. Anna and Lyca.
Nina of Shu Uemura and Cindy, our Beauty Editor.
AC in a sparkly bowtie that I will someday incorporate into one of my outfits. Heeh.
It was actually a night of couples! The J's: John James and Jessica
Ziggy and BJ.
Cliff and Pauline.
Hannah and Anna. Not a couple but wonder twins definitely. Haha.
The End.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I got the invitation to the Philippine Fashion Ball in an understated white envelope, inside: a simple white card with my name handwritten on it. What got my attention was that aside from it being obviously a fashion event, there were no sponsors printed on the card. Clean borders without any logos! That's ultra rare for a fashion party--not unless of course that party was a private one thrown by a non commercial sector. So my thought balloon was: CLASSSSSS!! Di kelangan ng sponsors??!! Syempre, that made me even more curious. What was it? Who's throwing it? Anong ganap?!! So i trotted off to Mother P's desk and asked, are we going to this ball? And she goes, yah, I'm presenting something. Bonggah! May awards pa. CURIOUS!!!!

So anyway, didn't ask any more question, I guess we had to wait till the night itself to see what the whole thing was about. First thing first, had to have an outfit made. racked my brain for silhouettes to wear--should be easy given that the theme was black and white--but no!!! Ang hirap! Didn't want to do black coz that was so predictable. So white nalang, pero what design?!

On the night itself we had makeup done at Paulines. Thanks to MAC's Owen Sarmiento and Byron Velasquez. I wanted my signature smoky eyes, which believe it or not, I can't do myself. Go figure. I know, diba? And pale lips.
And then matched with the outfits, Ta-dah!! Linear pattern bustier, fit-and-flare dress on Pauline by Francis Libiran and me in a pleated ruff-neck dress with cape by Jun Escario. Thanks Ma!
Got to the Peninsula and was happy to see that everyone miling around were ALL dressed fit for a ball. Bumped into dear friends Marlon Rivera and Robi Lolin.
Mark Nicdao in this ultraslim suit, again, by Marlon Rivera.
No need for introductions.
And then Pam walks in in this stunning dress thats too hot! How do you wear anything underneath that landscape of sheer? It's not like you can liquify unwanted bulges in real life! This is toned physique at its best. RRowr.
Model Jasmine Maierhoffer in feathers and tiered flounce.
Jeweler Joyce Makitalo, surprisingly wearing an OS bone necklace along with her own creation.
Georgina in Sassa Jimenez.
Candid yan. Haha.
Gorgeous couple Fatima and Hideo. Hideo won best dressed male of the night. Didn't get to ask who he was wearing though.
Designer Noel Crisostomo's muses: Jessica, Natasha, Michelle
Tim with his models: Justin and Jade
Liz in couture. She looks fittingly beautiful with the whole feel of the place. AC says this dress is very unforgiving, I agree. But Liz rocks its socks out. Which means her current frame is perfect. Model size lang mads??!! Haha. Dress by Dubai based designer Ezra Santos.
And guess who won best dressed female of the night? Hahahaha. Thats my trophy. As you've noticed, I've taken out my belt. Now what do you think is better, AC goes: "You need to cinch." (refer to second picture) and Vince goes: "Mas fashyon and a-line!". What do you think?
Heres a full look of my gown sans the belt. I thank whoever chose me because obviously, this is NOT typical best dressed fodder.
It's anti-cling. Anti-skin. Anti-shape. Anti everything. And yet I was awarded the huge-ass bottle of Belvedere. (So now you know who's the sponsor. Haha)

I hope you don't mind me putting in this quote from Raf Simons in his latest Elle Magazine interview: "Let's say you are in an environment where 50 women are dressed in mini-dresses, body stretch, or something with a clear accentuation of the body, and then there is this woman who is very much the opposite--she would have a white shirt on, say, and a huge, couture inspired skirt. Me, as a person, automatically I would be much more attracted to that woman, because she has a fascinating and different approach. She stands against all others. I think, Who is she? What is she about? What's her psychology? Why does she do this?"

So I'm thinking, it must have been an artist or a creative thinker who chose me, or someone with a really broad sense of aesthetics? Whoever you are, thank you. It feels good when being atypical and unconventional actually gets a bit of credit. Heeeeh. (photo credit: Mark Alvarez)
Mark Alvarez photography
Mark, Pauline, Jake
That flash means serious business.
I was interviewed that night by ETC and they asked me what my favorite gown was so far. If I had seen Jo-Ann Bitagcols outfit by Joji Loren, I would have said that it was this one.
Kim, Myrhh, Boop.
Eug, Dong, Vince.
Lotho who wears the many hats and the only Comme des Garcon outfit.
Davao based designer Dodjie Batu.
Charmaine and Julius.
Etong mga fashion rebels talaga! Ayaw mag black and white! Liquid bronze lang on Nix.
Mich, i soooooper love that blue ribbon hat.
At ang pasabog ng gabing yown. The almost naked, stylist Pam Quinones and Anne Curtis both dressed by Rajo Laurel. Phhhhaaaaaaak!!! Sila na.
Definitely a night for the industriya. Fun, fun, FUN! 2am and the bar still wasn't dry! I would have taken more photos but my camera died at about midnight. Na Cinderella lang ako dun. KAINIS. least all the photos didnt turn into pumpkins. Heeh.
To Keren Pascual, Noel Manapat and the rest of your team who made the party possible, it ROCKED!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Glad that I can post this today, two days (not bad) after i took the photos. Hidden agenda: Its the first Philippine Fashion Ball tonight at the Peninsula. And I'm thinking I'll be taking heaps of photos so might as well upload whatever images that I have on archive. Not that I'm saying its a lot, it's actually just Saturday night, but still, don't want it to pile up like all my fashion week photos na anong nangyari? Walaye.

So yes, not much events as of late but we have three for this week. So watch the space as I'm flooding it with images--Fashion Ball tonight, Kiehls 160th anniversary tomorrow. That should be a cool contrast--as that calls for vintage as oppose to glamour.

Anyhoo, Saturday was blocked off for Penny, a 630 dinner at my favorite haunt Chihuahua. She's never been so decided to have spicy Mexican to start the night. That dinner lasted a good 4 hours, with chika, catching up and four dishes in between: tacos, burritos, chili and nacho grande, and 8 margaritas (they're the best!) and a beer. Penny tips the alcohol scale by a beer and a margarita half. I only drank 3 and half before pulling out the i-have-to-drive card.

Good times!

Can't help but take a photo of Penny's personalized Cambridge. Cooot! Services available at Madison Power Plant.
Heres Penny! So effortlessly purty! She actually has her own Penny fan club care of Preview best dressed. Case in point, when we were outside the resto smoking, i introduced her to an acquaintance and he goes: "Oh my God! Penny! I love you!! You're like my favorite in the best dressed list!!" Hah. Enough said.
Her signature style? Button downs with atypical details.
With a bit of masculine twist.
Bumped into newly enagaged creative powerhouse of everywhereweshoot, Garovs and Ryan.
And we thought we'd call it a night at 11pm. But nooooo... it was a house party at Robby Carmonas. With matching blue lights!!
Guests: Rajo.
Mic of Chanel Vietnam. They're now also opening Louboutins. Bakeeeeeet?? Waaaah.
The Host.
Rhett, Marlon, Glen.
The End.