Monday, August 29, 2011


I can't really say if I'm a workaholic or not. I try to deny it like some gurgling under the radar illness but then it comes out when i least expect it. I went out of town for Saturday and Sunday since i felt like I deserved some quiet, rest and good food--time well spent to kick off the 4 day weekend. That was easy, but when i came back into town and decided that it was time to let go of work, momentarily clear my mind, unanchor the mobile and just a read a book. I felt like i was missing something. I felt restless. Like i needed to be working since it was after all still a Monday.

But I fought it and instead i found myself devouring the new book in kindle: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children which i bought this morning but finished now. Yesterday was finishing another book: World War Z, which incidentally I bought on friday. 342 pages, done in two nights. And now, since i have nothing else to do, instead of catching up on rest, I'm here online, updating. What I'm trying to say is... wait, ano nga ba? Haha. Eto, eto, To get maximum peace of mind, I tried to slow down my pace, I forced myself to go off the grid. Like not check emails, not blog, not attach my phone to my grip, but noooooooo.... It's an addiction, total blackout is death. Waaah Okay, melodramatic but at least now I know I really can't stay away. Its the pull. *shrug shoulders* Can't fight it, at least recognizing it is the first step. Hahahah.

Sowries, psycho babble. Anyhoo, backtracking to the Kiehl's event. 160 years. Wow. If that's not heritage, then I don't know what is.
The event called for vintage tees as the dress code. But I went instead in a vintage dress, channelling London with a porkpie hat and this seasons love for anything spotty and midi. Two trends in one. Check! Secretary dressing lang. Incidentally, this was the day after the Fashion Ball. Still had that pussy-bow hangover. Heeh. =)
And on to the peeps, Adrian and Raymond, long lost brothers hamming it up.
Yes, Preview girls do eat. Anna and Lyca.
Nina of Shu Uemura and Cindy, our Beauty Editor.
AC in a sparkly bowtie that I will someday incorporate into one of my outfits. Heeh.
It was actually a night of couples! The J's: John James and Jessica
Ziggy and BJ.
Cliff and Pauline.
Hannah and Anna. Not a couple but wonder twins definitely. Haha.
The End.

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