Friday, April 29, 2011


Watching the Royal Wedding in my hotel room. At Cebu at the moment for the Face Off show later at 7pm. Prince William and Harry just got to Westminster Abbey. How dashing!! How can anyone not look good in a military uniform?

I so can't wait for Kates dress!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

S A L E !!!!

You know you want it!

And the list of DISCOUNTS: (ta! da!)

Up to 50% off on selected items.
10% off on regular-priced items when you present your SMAC, BDO Rewards and Forever 21 credit card.
5% rebate (on top of your purchases) on all Forever 21, BDO and AMEX credit cards with a minimum spent of P5,000.
0% interest, 3 months installment for a minimum of P5,000 single receipt purchase

3-day sale is from April 29 (THIS FRIDAY!!!) - May 1 (SUNDAY!), 10am-11pm, SM Megamall.

Gasht, and as luck would have it, I'm out of town on the exact sale dates. Maybe it's also good na din in a way, at least I don't get to go on a crazy spending binge, which I'm pretty sure I would if I was there.

Let the stampede begin.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


The boyf asked to keep Wednesday night free, my last night before I flew to Cebu. And since it was birthday week, okay, i thought, must be a good dinner in some new resto that we haven't tried yet. But when I told him that I had a shoot at 6 that day and will probably finish at around 730 to 8ish, he panicked and let slip that we have to be somewhere by 8.

Gasht, so that sort of unscrewed my organized day. Like, what was I suppose to wear? I had to run around the morning pa to pull out and be at the studio to sort the shoot by 6. In turn, that made me dress up in the morning for a record of two hours. i wanted an outfit that would transition me from working--but dressy enough to go straight to wherever we were going. I asked if I was to wear anything in particular, and his reply was an ambiguous: "Comfy shoes." Phaaaak. Was he taking me out to a picnic? In grasslands? With a lot of walking involved? Stress Drillon!!!

Anyway, turned out, it wasn't all of the above. Heeeeh. He surprised me and took me to the Radio Department concert!! Which was even better! Never even figured it out till we were outside Glorietta 3. And I'm like, what? I need comfy shoes to go to the mall? haha. And then like a final jigsaw clicking into place, i guessed: Eeeek, we're going to a concert!!

A brief background: I asked him before if we were watching and he said no, some excuse about--I can't even remember... But it was a surprise! Yay! *so happy* and to think I told him that I wanted to listen to their album first before we went pero, nooooo. No time to brush up and review. It was like being lead blind. I have to say, again, never even heard of their music before. Although I did have the Marie Antoinette album where three of their songs were featured, can't say I'm a fan. But of course, the boyf takes care of the indie rock/post-modern/dreamwave side of this relationship while i take care of the indie/electro/dance/rock of it. Perfect combo. He introduces me to bands that he likes and same as with me. Although the bands that I like never come here, sigh. They're almost always the DJ sets like A-Trak, Kid Killy, Tittsworth, ATFC, and Aoki. LMFAO was a surprise, didn't know they were a band till I saw them live. Pero, di na ako choosy. I'll take em all.

Of course, loved the sound of the Radio Department. Although I was also impressed by the local band who did front act. Moscow Olympics, again, so obscure but apparently known internationally! And turns out, Elaine from Fred Perry is the wifey of the vocals: AJ!

Why do Swedish acts pose in this sort of same melancholic mood?
Elaine=Rockstars wife! Yiiiii. Haha.
Moscow Olympics.
Click below to hear their music.
Cut the World - Moscow Olympics
And then it was the Radio Department.
Elaine and AJ! Sweet! =)
And after the show, people watching. everywhere we shoot: Ryan + Garovs. i swear, you guys look the same na!!
The gorg and talented Glaiza.
Diego of Pedicab and wifey Ge.

Thank you B! It was an aaaawesome birthday pressie!!! =)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


You'll be seeing a lot of red, I guarantee. I wore a red blazer from Cebuano designer Protacio in the Behind The Bylines Reunion Special, and I again to the Fashion Watch show. This time though, the tailored overcoat with exaggerated lapels is from designer Julius Tarog.

Man, I lost those Topshop sunnies that I'm wearing in that photo. Still looking for a replacement. Had to take this photo with us three reinterpreting red with touches of stripes. Coat + tent dress on me. Ultra-deep v tank + tiered layer skirt on Jae and slouchy blazer + striped body con on Anna. Pretty much reflects each of our styles.
And then there are the blogggers: Kryz in her red shorts and Camille in her high waisted tube skirt. Coot.


Just got home from a two-hour Easter Vigil. Haven't attended one in a while. Thank goodness it was air-conditioned, and the lights were turned OFF for effect. Not that I was sleeping. Nooo. Heeh. It was better because it gave the mass a more solemn effect. (We had candles on) Halfway through it of course they turned it on to signify that Jesus has risen. Because I seldom get to go--having the chance to hear mass always makes me feel better. But since I got here on Thursday, I've been to 10 churches (for Bisita Iglesia) and a two hour mass. Check! Pogi points for my "good" book. I wanted to go to confession as well, but I think it was a majorest event for all the priests because there wasn't even one for anyone to confess to. Wow.

Anyway, sorry, I did say that I was going to update. But vacation mode took over and it was a marathon of movies and early nights in. In other words, *BLISSS* Siiiiigggh. =)

Anyway, heeeh. Back to fashion, this time, its Joel Escober for Fashion Watch.

Signature surface texture with tailored mens suiting in between.

This is my favorite piece.
The end.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just got done packing for tomorrows/later flight to Cebu. I'm stressing out over the potential long lines this mass exodus to the province will create. So I'm going to the airport 3 hours before my scheduled flight. International level lang ang dating. What a nerd. Well, least I don't have to worry if I'll make it to the check-in counter with 10 minutes to spare because of the insane queue. I'd get everything sorted and just relax inside with my Chariots of The Gods-kindle edition. Will update posts tomorrow, but as for now, it's goodnight. Enjoy Holy Week!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Finally!!!!!! I figured out a way to put music in ze blog! Yipeee! =) *so happy*

I'll start with this old favorite from Ellie Goulding-Monarchy "The Horse Head Nebular" Remix. You can click the link below if you want to go to a separate page, but if you want to browse through the blog while listening to the music, click on PLAY at the blue gray bar on the bottom of the page. Enjoy! And goodnight. =)


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm multi-tasking. I'm writing my column for Supreme as I'm writing this draft. I'm actually stumped on the other end so I figured maybe if I de-stress here, words would come out freely in the other.

Was anyone out on the roads earlier today? It was sooooooper, as in soooooper traffic because of that fire in Guadalupe. I seriously thought that my PMS was spiraling out of control because my patience quotient was running on unbelievable low, (as en I could almost feel heat radiating out of my hot head, migraine girl lang) couple that with unbelievable ***holic drivers who can't seem to wait for their turn, tear-hair-out-and-gnash my teeth frustration moment. Have you guys ever had that? Good thing I wasn't on my way to a meeting, that would have been even more stressful. Gasht.

Least theres shopping for consolation, to those who haven't been to the malls recently, Topshop and Topman are on sale since the 15th. And I thought I'd know that first since I practically live in the mall! Yup, still worth checking out though, I found these nice, tan, pleat-front trousers for only P1400 in Topman, but I was in a hurry earlier, no time to try it on. Will definitely go back tomorrow. And even a few pieces not marked as sale are on discount, I would know because half the items I picked that I wanted to pull out were from the regular racks--but I couldn't get it because it was also on sale. So try asking the SAs, that dress you've been eyeing on might be yours tomorrow!

Anyway, speaking of running low, I'm also almost empty on images to upload, no events till after Holy Week. Everything slows to a standstill come Thursday. Flying to Cebu to de-stress. I'm hoping I could take photos of local stylistas there, but I'm wondering when will I get the chance? And where? I'd really like to showcase Cebuano style naman, I'm pretty sure theres a lot! But how?

Well, least here's a start, Jun Escarios show for Fashion Watch. The luxury couturier from Cebu showcased his collection in his signature elegant, romantic classic-ness.

Jun backstage with Jae and Isha of stylebible.
Congratulation Jun!
After the show I went backstage to take a closer look at the clothes.
Heres a few more that I liked but didn't get to photograph.
Somehow this suit reminds me of Alexa Chung.
And a secretary dress thats so 70s, I like.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Wait, before that. A little background first.

Life sure is strange. No, thats not the background. Wait lang! Heeh. It's strange because I never really have qualms about approaching stylish people in public asking if I can photograph them. It could be my 8.0 Ixus thats the only non-credible thing in my arsenal of photo weapons but thats soon to be upgraded to a higher megapixel Canon. I love Canon!! (Just so you know, its not sponsored but a personal preference.) Yip! =) So last Thursday in Fashion Watch at The Shangri-La Makati lobby, i saw in the corner of my eye these two very dandy looking men. And I've never seen them before in the fashion circles so I was intrigued. New subjects! More so when I chanced upon the footwear, (intraspectator nga diba?) its was Prada Mens Spring Summer 2011 with the raffia soles and multi-colored body. And very hard to find!

Took this one on the sly--heeh, before I walked up to them and introduced myself.
Close up.
Say Hi to winners Chris!
With his Dunhill crest.
And his partner Ronald.
In this black boutonnière/brooch.

Well, when I asked them if I could take their photos, they both said they read my blog (*giddily happy*) and that they have an answer to my challenge. Of course I said, please post it in my comments, i would really like to hear what you have to say. And good thing they did because they are the winner for this weeks challenge!! Ding! Ding! Ding! Binggo!

Heres why.

Their answer.
"For us, to ignore or put it (Fashion) aside and dismissing it as mere frivolity and unnecessary."

That about sums up the whole frustration of the Philippine Fashion industry. That everyone else except for the people in it thinks that it is--shallow and frivolous I mean. Let's not forget that Fashion creates economies, in fact, in the U.S., its a billion dollar industry. And if you say that Filipinos have other priorities, of course we all do, but the way you match your shoes, to the tiniest speck of print on your shirt, even in your most normalest basicness still constitutes as fashion, and it defines you as well as it defines decades. So please, a little bit of respect for the industry that I love.

And. I was actually waiting for someone to answer:
I WOULD NEVER SAY NEVER. (wait, Justin Bieber lang? haha.)

That was my personal second answer.

But still, it was soooo hard to choose because you guys gave really good, honest, intelligent and sincere answers which I appreciate so much!! Thank you for taking time out to mull over it and write in the comments. Are you guys still up for another challenge? Please let me know here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Guys, as much as I want to post the winner of my challenge now, (I have a winner!) I think I would overshoot my scheduled sleep time. I'm planning to tuck in at 11pm. It's now already 10:40. Because! I have a 630am call time tomorrow. Eh, you know how I am without my eight hours. Cranky and swirly eyed like deees > @.@

So just one post today okay? And you'll know the winner by tomorrow. Prameees!

A lot of events these past few days. Went to the Style Origin show for The Ramp last Tuesday. Okay heres a secret, this store is one of my guilty pleasures. There's so many great clothes in their in-house brands and at such friendly prices! I once bought this tailored slit-sleeve cape thats very Celine Spring Summer 2011 when it still wasn't on the runways. Which reminds me, where the hell is that cape? I'll post a photo of that fabulous find one of these days. AND, again, they're also one of those stores thats so easy to pull out from! Another heaven sent in Publication Speak. =) Congratulations Xandra!

Was pretty excited to see their new stuff. A lot of on-trend stripes and color blocks, and some painterly hues injected in between. Okay, i'll stop blabbering now and get one with the show.

The aliens have arrived. Heeeeh. Wouldn't mind playing a DJ set in this set-up. Feeling Daft Punk lang.
Colored bermudas for men by Mundo. And the shoes! THE SHOES!!
Embroidered cap-toe gentleman slippers! Eeeek. Okay, blurry here.
Clearer! I. WANT.
Phaaaaak! Pati swimsuits color-blocked! Cheeeck! Love this piece. If only my tummy was like dut also. Haaay.
Espadrille wedge by Pill.
Fendi-esque "Flatforms", still by Pill.
I like dut top.
I like this dress.
And this one too.
The influence of Prada.
Interesting shape.
The End.

The Ramp, Crossings
Glorietta 3
Shangri-La Plaza

Goodnight guys.