Sunday, April 17, 2011


Guys, as much as I want to post the winner of my challenge now, (I have a winner!) I think I would overshoot my scheduled sleep time. I'm planning to tuck in at 11pm. It's now already 10:40. Because! I have a 630am call time tomorrow. Eh, you know how I am without my eight hours. Cranky and swirly eyed like deees > @.@

So just one post today okay? And you'll know the winner by tomorrow. Prameees!

A lot of events these past few days. Went to the Style Origin show for The Ramp last Tuesday. Okay heres a secret, this store is one of my guilty pleasures. There's so many great clothes in their in-house brands and at such friendly prices! I once bought this tailored slit-sleeve cape thats very Celine Spring Summer 2011 when it still wasn't on the runways. Which reminds me, where the hell is that cape? I'll post a photo of that fabulous find one of these days. AND, again, they're also one of those stores thats so easy to pull out from! Another heaven sent in Publication Speak. =) Congratulations Xandra!

Was pretty excited to see their new stuff. A lot of on-trend stripes and color blocks, and some painterly hues injected in between. Okay, i'll stop blabbering now and get one with the show.

The aliens have arrived. Heeeeh. Wouldn't mind playing a DJ set in this set-up. Feeling Daft Punk lang.
Colored bermudas for men by Mundo. And the shoes! THE SHOES!!
Embroidered cap-toe gentleman slippers! Eeeek. Okay, blurry here.
Clearer! I. WANT.
Phaaaaak! Pati swimsuits color-blocked! Cheeeck! Love this piece. If only my tummy was like dut also. Haaay.
Espadrille wedge by Pill.
Fendi-esque "Flatforms", still by Pill.
I like dut top.
I like this dress.
And this one too.
The influence of Prada.
Interesting shape.
The End.

The Ramp, Crossings
Glorietta 3
Shangri-La Plaza

Goodnight guys.

6 comments: said...

Very summer naman ang collection! I love it! :) Ganda lang ng shoes from Pill.

Maureen Manuel said...

Ms. Daryl, I love your posts :D woah Please have a twitter account :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love your blog! Would you know when the embroidered cap-toe gentleman slippers would be available? I've been passing by the Ramp Glorietta everyday since Monday and no sign of those shoes so far.. I must have them. :-) Thanks!!

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hello Maureen, blogging takes too much of my time to have a twitter account. Heeh. =)

Anonymous, I'll ask tomorrow and I'll get back to you asap regarding delivery dates yes? I want some too.

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

For anyone interested in the cap toe gentlemans slipper with the anchor emblem, (I'm not sure what the emblem is on the red version), it will be available at The Ramp by first week of May. yay!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Daryl for the quick response. I'll be sure to get those shoes come May. Stay fab! :)
- Anonymous reader who asked about the gentlemen's slippers (sorry, I have no blogspot or google account yet)