Friday, April 1, 2011


One of the reasons also why I haven't posted as much was because I went to Cebu on the weekend.

And that would involve some flying time. And when its this dark, flights make for a bumpy ride. I haaaate. Clouds--they hide under a pretense of fluffiness and softness. But in reality, theyre evil things full of condensed water droplets, chunky enough to feel when the plane barrels through. Like humps in the road, they do the same thing. But then roads dont have a 43,000 ft. drop do they? Argh. I hate clouds. They're only pretty when I'm safe on the ground.
Went with fabulous menswear designer M Barretto. We had luch at Tsim Sha Tsui in The Terraces at Ayala.
Love the logo on their water bottle. Brought them to this place because Harbour City and Dimsum Break were the go-to dimsum places when I was growing up. After school my Dad would pick us up and we would order steaming pots of Steam Rice (not the plain white one but the one with saucy pork toppings, Cebuanos would know this), stacks of Siomai and Empress Rolls (pork wrapped in cabbage).
But they were ascetic Chines restos that didn't concentrate much on the interiors. So I'm glad Tsim Sha TSui (which is a sister company of Dimsum Break) offered a more done-up version to enjoy the homegrown gastronomic comfort that only Cebu dimsum can give. they even have that revolving mini-conveyer that serves solo portions on the background with the high chairs.

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