Sunday, March 28, 2010


Favorite shot of the night.
I'm thinking of doing another blog entirely dedicated to AC. (Thoughts?)
But then it's 2am, on a saturday, on a weekend where I have to work. Major fashion editorial shoot on Monday. Kill. Me. Now. So pardon if I'm having some serious case of verbal diarrhea.
I would have posted more entries, but the one below, took me a good 3 hours already, (resizing, cropping and putting in my thoughts), and though I still have a bank of new ones, I'm physically and emotionally exhausted. =(
So, goodnight, for now, just want you to know that I'm still here. Albeit up to my eyeballs in work, but yup, still here. =)


Wanting to bring art to a younger market, Manila Contemporary Gallery asked artist Kiko Escora to curate a show that was a collective of new ideas and fresh artwork. That, and it came with a dance party. So of course, an excuse for some drinks and debauchery! And this being a collective of all creative/artsy/indie types. Time for some snapparazi. Okay, I super love gallery lighting. Not only is it minimally clean as a background, the lighting gives these dramatic shadows, and its enough illumination to do night shots without flash.

Kiko Escora in his element. I swear, he can give even the most emaciated model a run for her money, can somebody say *cough* Dior Homme *cough*

Paolo and Raenna Abella. Seriously coool couple! Even their color story complement. Black and white plaids with Raenna's utiltarian high waisted trousers. And how amazing is that body language? Effortless drape on the guy but with an ultra beaming smile on her, nonchalance on the guy but with a possessive hand on her hip. Sorry for that anatomical breakdown, but I just find them super hot!

Yup, Artisan culture still thrives. If you know where to look. Hand braided dress from Eairth on Marita.

The thing with art gatherings is that you get to meet these ultrainteresting people that you never get to see otherwise. I though I got his name, but I don't seem to have him in my notes. But, this pattern on pattern concoction of an ensemble just stopped me on my tracks. How can that overload of prints still look oddly cool? Artsist's talaga, they really have that care ko, fuck-the-world mindest. Haylaveeet.

Some military inspiration for the night. Cropped band jacket on Nicole.

And an arsenal on Gelo Arucan.

Ready for the fashion army complete with binoculars, dog tags and the present epaulettes.

And if that isn't enough, there's always the chopper.

Oh, and it's a invasion. Karl Leuterio in layered shreds.

Which he did himself. Coolnest.

I'm thinking, another Eairth fan? That gigantic safety pin and the just-rolled-out-of-bed wrinkles on the blazer is a signature. Not sure though. Mike Magallanes doing neutrals.

JP Singson still on the military theme but this time with a sleeveless band jacket waistcoat, nice asymmetric detailing on the front. Liking that leggings under shorts as well.

Checks and a whole lot of speed.

Chi in some bondage an another distressed finish for the win.


Foxe Marquez in moon boots.

When you're this thin, you're this fierce. Sibling model love, black/gray and ultra skinny silhouettes on Krystal and Earl Espiritu.

Pop of color and some tailored buttoned up-buttondowns on Gino.

Xtina Superstar working eeet.

Kai Santander looking like a part of that art installation. All black always works and you can also play around with textures: ruffles, volume, and slouchy shapes.

A stark contrast of styles on Ge Mapa, marrying genders, feminine foliage blooms with masculine paper boy trousers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


At the Hermes launch, all the madames and their Birkins came out to mingle, chat over hor's d'oeuvre, sip Piper-Heidsieck Champagne (served at the Oscars!) in a setting of silver arches and giant orange colored rose arrangements. The brands uberexclusivity was of course mirrored in the execution. Since the Hermes store clearly could not accommodate all of the guests, they built this high hedge pathway leading from the store to the Ayala Museum, which doubly worked as a private screen from the public and established the strictly-by-invitation privileged feel.

Ubercool but a little bit freaky. Hermes signature logo of a horse and its popular equestrian motifs are brought to almost real life.

Instead of following the white rabbit, I followed the orange hoof marks.

They stand on guard along the way. It must have been very hot.

And of course the people. I was too shy to go up to the elegant ladies and ask them to be photographed, so i just stuck to my age set. Heeh, sorry. Besides, it was the new blood that gave the party a new fashion high, even without the Birkins. *nods*

Borgy, pulling off a Marlon Brando. Oversized jacket from his Dad.

Black was the go-to color, so I was quite happy to see Verushka in a twist front jeweled tone dress.

Contrast of styles on the sisters, rockstar chic on Katrina with body con and studs while it was easy tailoring on Hindy.

Love this two toned jacket from HK brand Indu Homme paired with corded tan trousers. Vince doing a play on textures and color that fabulously works!

Black can be the safest choice but with Balmain-ish structural shoulders like this and an ultra deep-V, it's dangerously fashyown!

Texture seems to be the mindset for the guys that night. Yay! A boring black suit just doesn't cut it. Contrast sleeve/lapel jacket on Raymond. Quirky bow tie for the win!

Bea Soriano in another rework of black, not seen here but her dress is actually a loose romper with cuffs on the hem, So cute!

And Bea's incorporation of the label to her outfit, a scarf tied to the ankles. Aylaveeeet!

Tim brings home the most stylish award for me. Ombre suit by Alexander McQueen.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm the type of girl that still goes the long way round rather than break a no u-turn sign even if its 3am in the morning. I'd stop at a red light even when there are no more cars around. I'm a square like dut. So. it comes as a surprise that I busted out my camera in the museum even when the signs clearly said no. Does that mean I'm living on the edge? Haha. Why? Number one, because I'm sure half of you would rather surf the net than go to an actual museum (hence me posting this here) and because the SLIMs exhibit moved me so much that it left me teary eyed. And I'm not ashamed of it. Beautiful things still remain beautiful even through time. And her designs, I've got to say, transcends trends, time and eras. If you love fashion as much as I do, I really recommend that you go. You won't regret it.

Would you believe this was done in the 50's?

Or this structural trapeze of a Terno?

Or this one? this can even work in the runways now.

So for a history lesson, Slim's contemporaries that time included Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga. Most of you would automatically think of the ubiquitous motorcycle bags, but the House of Balenciaga was built on amazing designs.
Dinner dress, 1959.

I love this dress! It looks like Givenchy now. Day dress, 1960.

One day when I grow up, i'm going to own a vintage Balenciaga. Hmpp.
Evening coat, 1950.

All Balenciaga photos from HERE.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm so used to everything fast. Everything in real time, that I've forgotten how to slow down and see the minute detail. Aren't all great concepts matured through extended periods? Like Amir Sali's embroidery samples. In his talk, swatches of his work went around for the audience to see. And the jaded in me could have just passed it off as, meh, I've seen that before. On closer inspection though, it was handcrafted effort with a capital E! No run-of-the-mill, mass produced creations here, all appliques were handstitched and the components applied by hand. What you think is a patched flower bought from your neighborhood trim shop is in fact, embroidered from scratch on a separate fabric, then sewn on to the final surface. Sequins layered to imitate scales done one by one, and flowers that seem to grow right out of the cloth with wormy little bulks threaded together by artisans. Amazing.


I'm starting to look forward to what Mark Higgins wear in the lectures, it's bound to be something eyecatching and quirky.

Like this foliage Etro shirt that looks very graphic but is in fact embroidered.

Michael Salientes also in a white, gray and black combo, this one with slouchy jeans from Eairth, and a graphic button down from Liberty of London.

With this amazing bugs strewn all over. Makes me want to scratch on imaginary itches. heehee.

Vince Uy chanelling Givenchy with an op art shirt, i like that off-shade blue green jeans that he's wearing, perfect hue for trousers if you do want pants for summer.

Pauline making her shiny ruffled skirt casual with a perfect fitting tee shirt. Take note, It's a must have staple girls! it will go with anything!