Sunday, March 28, 2010


Wanting to bring art to a younger market, Manila Contemporary Gallery asked artist Kiko Escora to curate a show that was a collective of new ideas and fresh artwork. That, and it came with a dance party. So of course, an excuse for some drinks and debauchery! And this being a collective of all creative/artsy/indie types. Time for some snapparazi. Okay, I super love gallery lighting. Not only is it minimally clean as a background, the lighting gives these dramatic shadows, and its enough illumination to do night shots without flash.

Kiko Escora in his element. I swear, he can give even the most emaciated model a run for her money, can somebody say *cough* Dior Homme *cough*

Paolo and Raenna Abella. Seriously coool couple! Even their color story complement. Black and white plaids with Raenna's utiltarian high waisted trousers. And how amazing is that body language? Effortless drape on the guy but with an ultra beaming smile on her, nonchalance on the guy but with a possessive hand on her hip. Sorry for that anatomical breakdown, but I just find them super hot!

Yup, Artisan culture still thrives. If you know where to look. Hand braided dress from Eairth on Marita.

The thing with art gatherings is that you get to meet these ultrainteresting people that you never get to see otherwise. I though I got his name, but I don't seem to have him in my notes. But, this pattern on pattern concoction of an ensemble just stopped me on my tracks. How can that overload of prints still look oddly cool? Artsist's talaga, they really have that care ko, fuck-the-world mindest. Haylaveeet.

Some military inspiration for the night. Cropped band jacket on Nicole.

And an arsenal on Gelo Arucan.

Ready for the fashion army complete with binoculars, dog tags and the present epaulettes.

And if that isn't enough, there's always the chopper.

Oh, and it's a invasion. Karl Leuterio in layered shreds.

Which he did himself. Coolnest.

I'm thinking, another Eairth fan? That gigantic safety pin and the just-rolled-out-of-bed wrinkles on the blazer is a signature. Not sure though. Mike Magallanes doing neutrals.

JP Singson still on the military theme but this time with a sleeveless band jacket waistcoat, nice asymmetric detailing on the front. Liking that leggings under shorts as well.

Checks and a whole lot of speed.

Chi in some bondage an another distressed finish for the win.


Foxe Marquez in moon boots.

When you're this thin, you're this fierce. Sibling model love, black/gray and ultra skinny silhouettes on Krystal and Earl Espiritu.

Pop of color and some tailored buttoned up-buttondowns on Gino.

Xtina Superstar working eeet.

Kai Santander looking like a part of that art installation. All black always works and you can also play around with textures: ruffles, volume, and slouchy shapes.

A stark contrast of styles on Ge Mapa, marrying genders, feminine foliage blooms with masculine paper boy trousers.


inkarlcerating said...

thanks Daryl !! hugs!

K said...

the print on print "flower boy" is Kel. ;)

B said...

the guy with overflowing floral patterns is Kel Sampayan. He's a friend from ILY. :)

Alan Li said...

haha very nice pictures, recognize a few from lb and chictopia@

kaye said...

gosh aren't you people the most stylish this day. all hail you guys! haha! stay chic!

hope you could stroll over at my blog