Sunday, March 14, 2010


For those in the know, the place to be in for some alternative indie partying is The Collective, with B Side as the anchor bar right smack in the middle, and a periphery of spaces serving as galleries, fashion fixes and artsy hubs. Browse around and you just might find that rare vinyl, designer toy, or particular one-off item that instantly gives you bragging rights. For me though, it was an unpretentious hole-in-the-wall, (actually, its a huge warehouse) where you can just go in your most uneffortless, care ko, self without worrying about velvet ropes, the right shoes, i.d. or not having your name on the guestlist.

The Collective, 7274 Malugay St. San Antonio Village, Makati

The man behind the concept (and the frame, haha), Dustin Reyes, with Vince Uy

Cubao X represent, Sharon Atillo of I love You Store. Flat front trousers rolled up with a fedora is menswear reworked.

Designer Carlo Vicente in the scenester choice of all black.

Philippine Star's new Young Star Editor Paolo Lorenzana. (I sooooo love how this guy writes!!!) Congratulations!! Sorry Pao, I know I was suppose to upload this a week before your first official stint as editor, therby 'announcing' your new position through my blog, but wala eh, so swamped with work, heeeeh. Better late than never?

Erwan Heussaf rocking a deep scoop tee and even-ing out the proportions with a cropped jacket.

Leather is just edge and a half. Sculptor Noli Coronado.

Here's another leather rework. Agoo Bengzon mixing tough with soft.

Okay, if there's one photo that totally encapsulates how fun that night was, this has got to be it. Sanya Smith shows that with every sunshine colored outfit comes happiness that knows no limits.

Twinset. Identical styles on Gino and Mano. (Even their names rhyme.) Buttoned up shirt, rolled jeans and burnt hued footwear in suede and leather.

Aw, Too coot. Garovs, can i just take you home and make you my pet?

Pero sorry, cute pero fersh ang hair!

Yes, the alcohol comes in teapots. Least you have the choice of drinking from the straw or the spout.

Grendel, keep the new hair hue, it suits you. =) Here's the appropriate dress code for heaving on a sweaty night, barely there knickers.

And barely there shorts.

Solen Huessaff with the summer's footwear weapon of choice, the wedge.

If a flimsy tee isn't light enough to keep you cool on a humid party night, you could either go out in your lingerie, or you can slash the sleeves to non existence.

Xtina working that body con and blonde hair to the max!

Jabbawocckeez unmasked.

Well, it's B at B Side.

And here are some toys, for the inner kids in all of us.


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Lovelly pictures! U HAVE A GREAT BLOG!

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cool cool!!
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Hi, I hope you don't mind that I'm using your post on The Collective as a hyperlink to one of my posts :)

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