Monday, March 1, 2010


At the Couture construction and conservation talk last Saturday, Feb, 20, the Nyoras came out to play, Cary Santiago (on left) gave a witty and funny presentation (looking serious here, but trust me, funny sha!!!) on how to create the inner bodice on a body form as well as the basics on draping, while Christian Espiritu (on right) gave a talk on Haute Couture then and now.

Opening the presentations was Preview EIC Pauline Juan in a beribboned dress in deep blue. Liking that contrast fuschia strappy sandals very much.

Hard at work finishing her speech with an impromptu interview backstage with Cary. A peek at the back detail.


SLIMS heir, Mark Higgins. Regal bearing.

in Lacroix.

A smattering of surface texture on the audience, Lace applique on brocade. Vintage dress from New Yorker on Geolette Esguerra.

Sheer, rosette and pearls on Treisha Vanns.

The wedge is the new heel of the season.
Though some might have an aversion to toes overshooting the shoe shape, this one is literally made to look just like that. Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

And heres the outfit that went with it. Print on prints! Marble-lized tights with a skull print dress on Nicole Puentevella.

Ahoy matey! Pirate dressing ala Cheetah.

How high can you go?

And on the other end of the spectrum, easy dressing on Curithy. Gray was a popular choice, simple tank, drapey loose trousers and embellished flats.

And here's gray again with the Chictopia uniform on Tere, tank, bubble skirt and open toe booties.

And even more non color on the twins, Paul and John Herrera.

I likey that bubbly skirty! Just in case you obsessively compulsively want your personal space. Marc Jacobs skirt on L.A. Ferriols.

And some gold sightings too! Cinch waisted harem pants. Cool.

A refreshing floral vintage number on Rosanna Aranaz. This outfit I saved for last because I just love how a classic dress can beat any trendy number given that the fit is superb, and paired with the right footwear and accessories. I've done a piece on Rosanna's style and she has that quirky adventurous taste that experiments vintage with contemporary. Ladylike dressing has never looked so effortless, tasteful, and so young! Check her wardrobe blog here:


SoulePhenomenon said...

it really was a great talk and would never forget carry's =)

thanks for the feature daryl!

inkarlcerating said...

omg... i love the guy in thigh highs! lovessss eat!
grabe..i love thy blog..

Rosanna said...

hi! hope you don't mind if i grab the photo and post it in LMDU :)