Thursday, December 1, 2011


How about that? End of the year closing in on us already? I haven't even started on the gift buying. Zoiks. I'm not sure if December means more money (what with 13th month pays and bonuses) or less money since I'll be spending it all on pressies for family, friends, boofie and myself. Heeh. Huwag naman tayo magpanggap diba? Aren't we all treating ourselves to something nice this December? Ayon pa kay Alvin of L'0real: because you're worth it. Haha.

Anyhoo, if you still have some money left over (or unspent), I've joined the Bloggers United bazaar this Dec. 3. Ngayong Saturday na yun ha. It's Andre and I, and a heap of other bloggers selling our pre-owned stuff at dirt cheap prices. Everything starts at P100. Location is at Treston International College, Taguig. And if ever there is such a thing as guilt free shopping, recycling clothes lessens carbon footprint and part of the proceeds from this event will go to the GMA Kapuso for its school building project-- getting new (technically) clothes and helping the Filipino youth’s education--two in one, yea! So head on over if you can, I'm sure the vibe will be fantastic! See you!

Poster 11-19


Took time out this week to go to the beach.I wish I could just leave everything behind and unplug, but noooo. Work calls even from the sandy shores of Boracay. But still, I'm on the internet researching but I have this view outside my room, aircon on but with the salty breeze and waves crashing. Sweet! Best of both worlds really. Ill be back on Sunday but wish you were here!