Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Check out Preview's December Issue.
The New Decadence
Photographer: Steve Tirona
Art Direction and Styling: DC
Beauty: Omar Ermita for Shu Uemura
Hair: Buern Rodriguez for L'oreal Professinelle

Monday, December 8, 2008


I wasn't planning on working that night, hence the reason i left my trusty old notebook, but the deluge of style denizens had me taking pictures like a tourist on vacation! Please update me if you're here, i want to know what youre wearing. thanks!
Jun Escario in Givenchy

Cybil Gayatin in Arcy Gayatin

Both girls in Mich Dulce

Stacy Rodriguez. The trousers are love!

Louis Claparols. Who would have thought about the teal and mustard combo? Directional and quite the standout from all those ubiquituous powersuits in blacks and grays.

Joey Samson. The cuffed denim paired with the tailored jacket gives his outfit that sort off easy, understated stylish Italian vibe. Love it.


Patty Eustaquio

Leica Carpio in Rajo Laurel. She has got to have one of the tonest bodies I've ever seen, and its shown off with this utlra tight sex on heels dress. Rowr.

Fringe is in for Spring Summer 09. I've photographed her twice already and both times she has looked impeccably dressed. I have to go back to my archives to find out her name though, but I like the fact the she chose a statement top to go with the pencil skirt. I tend to always gravitate towards the atypical, this outfit has that, but without the complete package looking OTT. fab fab fab!
Kai Nakanishi-Lim, Thanks Kai H.!

OJ Hofer

Princess Disini in St. John

Mich Dulce

Mich Dulce's mum

Plaid attack! Louie Jay, Niccolo Cosme, Levenson Rodriguez in Rodriguez De Alba, Sanya Smith

AC in Protacio, DC in Cary Santiago


I like the buttoned up preppy Fred Perries paired with workwear khakhis and kick ass tats. Ivan in a Zara beret, Specs from Spitfire, Fred Perry shirt, Banana Republic trousers, Adidas End-to-End


Sorry kids, I'm backtracking here, so this is like, what, 2 weeks late. a million years in the blogging world but hey, bite me.

I've always liked Ria's effortless style, I so think that she's our version of Kate Moss, her body proportion is just freaking unbelievable. and anything you make her wear just looks fantastic. Check out the fluoro orange ankle socks just peeping from the gray booties. KYOT.

Grendel also with her mini black and white plaid shirt and motorcycle boots.

And the coolest retro sunnies

Hail. Kiko doing soundcheck. Theres Ivan on the right corner. Still missing you.

With Creative director of Lee, Epoy Arcino.
DC in cotton on tank, topshop skirt, Zu shoes, Chanel 2.55 and Marc Jacobs quilted pouch


Paulette in trousers and fedora from Zara, tank from SM, gladiators from greenhhills, waistcoat from Divisoria, Samsonite sling


I would wear this top sans the tights. But then again, thats just me. Cindy in a Zara peasant blouse, leggings and bag from HK, Celine shoes, Toywatch, accessories H&M


Waaah, okay its on repeat in my ipod. Thought youd like it too. New song up >>>

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I've never seen the style tribes all together in one gathering, it would have been a momentous occasion if not for the fact that we were all brought together by death. Fluxxe, Cubao X, Government, Saga. We were all there. Photo taken by Niccolo Cosme. Funeral is today, woke up at 4 and I can't sleep anymore. Don't know if I can keep my composure at all or i might just be a blubbering mess. Please pray for his soul. For those who can still make it:
Rise and shine for DJ IVNDG.
Mass at 9am St. Micheals Church
Eulogy delivered by Jujiin, Dale & Rocky.
Ivan will be lay rest at Pandayan Memorial Park, Meycauayan Bulacan 10am

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yeah, thats about the right amount of days I went AWOL. Sorry, just had way too many things to do, deadlines to finish, events to attend, and I just felt so disconnected to everything. Just the thought of going online made every pore of my body shut down, i went through an anti internet phase and went over to the inebriation side. Oh man, I can't even begin to describe the massive intake of alcohol my whole 120lbs body ingested. But I'm back, i hope for good. A few have already complained that I haven't been updating. My apologies again.

So yeah, today i write with a heavy heart, got a message from Lotho that our friend Ivan De Guzman just passed away. I was just with him in the Lee Rocks Manila event. He always does the music for all of Robbie Carmona's events. And he never fails to have good taste and all the rockin new songs. I remember Ivan as someone who always has a shy but ready smile, always quiet standing tall in the background, and always, always, always soooooo so nice. You will be missed Ivan.
Good old days at MDC.

Then on to Absinthe.

Then back to 32nd Street.

Rest in peace van. Fluxxe won't be the same without you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Fashion, art and music collides with the launch of the Lee Make History photo story competition at the LEE ROCKS MANILA EVENT. Mall of Asia, November 22. I'm giving away 10 VIP tickets, (yes giving away, no need to answer any questions!) that means, you get in the Lee dome (which is strictly VIP only) and get to:
1. View the Make History photo exhibition
2. Preview the spring summer 09 fashion show
3. Get drunk on unlimited booze and make chica with your friends over Friday's bar chow.
And as a bonus, you get a ringside seat to the concert in a cordoned off VIP section at the side of the stage, not only will you get to see the bands super up close, you can even wipe away their sweat during intermission.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My friend Gil from LA called me up last night to ask me what my pant size was. And I go, why, are you getting me kalenshagas? And he goes, NO. Even better, apparently he went aranka to the Comme Des Garcon for H&M, lining up at 7am for the 9, (or was it 10 gillie?) store opening. I totally forgot about it but thank Goodness he didn't. H&M in the Beverly Center is the only one of the few who stocked the collab. And yes, it was gone, SOLD out in 30 minutes. I told him in advance that I wanted the tiered dress and the asymmetric jacket. But with all the competitive stye hunters smelling the designer blood, it was a shopping frenzy with people maniacally grabbing everything in sight. Sigh. I reckon I'll see them in ebay but whats the point? Anyhoo, at least he got me the dhoti pants, which I also love!!! and a bag(?). haha, I want the polka dot bag!!! Wah! thanks gillie. haha.
The queue.

The stash.

And the returns. It's not his size so anybody interested in buying this? It's mens Navy Blue/White, Large. let me know.

This too. Ladies ploka dot black and white cardi, Small.


Mong in Sepultura shirt, H&M trousers, Sperry Topsiders

Raims in customized Lee Jeans, details are awesome at a quarter angle but of course, silly me took a front shot without realizing till it was too late. Oh wellz, nek tymz.

If Chanel had a collab with Nike it would look like this

Friday, November 14, 2008


You'd think it's an odd combination but it actually works, The bow is a quirky touch. Sarah in a top from Stage, Onyx waistcoat, leggings from a bazaar in Rockwell, shoes from a store in Cebu, vintage clutch, bow she's had since childhood.


No faux-hawk for this guy. Noli in a duct taped leather jacket, boot cut jeans, Underground boots.


Style can be so effortless when you have the right arsenal. Marita in Eairth dress, jacket and hoisery from 168.

Burberry bag.

Ooooh. Structured semi wedge shoes, Jil Sander.


Eeeep, I likey this one. Flash is bigger than the cam. KYOWT. Kai's camera.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok, for the Anglophiles. Fred Perry just opened at Greenbelt 5. And eventhough we missed the whole Comme Des Garcon collaboration, at least we get the Swears, in white.


And the classic logo pique shirt by....