Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yeah, thats about the right amount of days I went AWOL. Sorry, just had way too many things to do, deadlines to finish, events to attend, and I just felt so disconnected to everything. Just the thought of going online made every pore of my body shut down, i went through an anti internet phase and went over to the inebriation side. Oh man, I can't even begin to describe the massive intake of alcohol my whole 120lbs body ingested. But I'm back, i hope for good. A few have already complained that I haven't been updating. My apologies again.

So yeah, today i write with a heavy heart, got a message from Lotho that our friend Ivan De Guzman just passed away. I was just with him in the Lee Rocks Manila event. He always does the music for all of Robbie Carmona's events. And he never fails to have good taste and all the rockin new songs. I remember Ivan as someone who always has a shy but ready smile, always quiet standing tall in the background, and always, always, always soooooo so nice. You will be missed Ivan.
Good old days at MDC.

Then on to Absinthe.

Then back to 32nd Street.

Rest in peace van. Fluxxe won't be the same without you.

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Anonymous said...

What happened to him? :(
I don't know him personally but Ivn and his friend Jujiin were such a fun duo.