Monday, December 8, 2008


I wasn't planning on working that night, hence the reason i left my trusty old notebook, but the deluge of style denizens had me taking pictures like a tourist on vacation! Please update me if you're here, i want to know what youre wearing. thanks!
Jun Escario in Givenchy

Cybil Gayatin in Arcy Gayatin

Both girls in Mich Dulce

Stacy Rodriguez. The trousers are love!

Louis Claparols. Who would have thought about the teal and mustard combo? Directional and quite the standout from all those ubiquituous powersuits in blacks and grays.

Joey Samson. The cuffed denim paired with the tailored jacket gives his outfit that sort off easy, understated stylish Italian vibe. Love it.


Patty Eustaquio

Leica Carpio in Rajo Laurel. She has got to have one of the tonest bodies I've ever seen, and its shown off with this utlra tight sex on heels dress. Rowr.

Fringe is in for Spring Summer 09. I've photographed her twice already and both times she has looked impeccably dressed. I have to go back to my archives to find out her name though, but I like the fact the she chose a statement top to go with the pencil skirt. I tend to always gravitate towards the atypical, this outfit has that, but without the complete package looking OTT. fab fab fab!
Kai Nakanishi-Lim, Thanks Kai H.!

OJ Hofer

Princess Disini in St. John

Mich Dulce

Mich Dulce's mum

Plaid attack! Louie Jay, Niccolo Cosme, Levenson Rodriguez in Rodriguez De Alba, Sanya Smith

AC in Protacio, DC in Cary Santiago


stacy said...

my trousers are glasnost by stacy rodriguez! please visit!!

Anonymous said...

hi! do u happen to know the brand of the kicks the guy at Lance's right (the guy in black and white with his black and white hi-tops) is wearin?? i'd like to know! thanks!

if anyone knows, please tell me. thank you!

ur blog is fire! more power!

cheers and happy holidays!

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

hey anonymous, i think that black and white hi-top would be Diesel.