Monday, February 23, 2009


Weird that an Oscar party called for business attire for men and cocktail dresses for women. But, yeah, not that it was a real Hollywood party with designer gowns, red carpet and hobnobs with the A-list celebrities, but still, had a field day paparazzi-ing. Always nice to see all the girls looking pretty and the guys looking all dapper.

Pam looking GORGE-ASS!! I don't know what you're doing girl but you're working it! Dress from Singapore, Chanel bag. Erica in a Cole Vintage dress, Shoes from Australia, vintage bag

I like the sleeve shape, the contrasting play of transparency and sheen at the hem, the mini cinch creating texture, and violet pumps for a touch of color. Stacy Rodriguez in Stacy Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs bag, Shoes from HK.

With all the short shifts and mini dresses that night, Anne was the exception in a nude maxi dress from Zara and a vintage floral cape.

Embellishment is a key trend for Spring Summer 09, and Tina has got it down pat. Encrusted and fully beaded dress from Mango, Alexander McQueen shoes and Gucci clutch.

I love her style!! My brother saw her from across the room and told me that he saw a girl in a nude jumpsuit and that I have to take her photo. Turns out, its Angela Alarcon, owner of multibrand store Almost Famous. Liking the pulled back hair with the fringe, the mini blazer, the studded belt, EVERYTHING. Jacket from Cebuano designer Ciege Cagalawan, Jumpsuit from her own line Erstwhile, Thomas Wylde clutch, Cintura belt, Zara shoes and twisted necklace from Portugal.

Another strong Spring Summer trend, one shoulder Grecian inspired pieces. Boop in a Topshop jumpsuit, Mango evening bag and Aldo shoes.

Yes, she did shine that night. Bibai in a Marc Jacobs top, Cult Femme metallic skirt, Cintura belt, Nine West shoes and Chanel bag.

And of course dynamic duo everywhereweshoot Ryan and Garovs with their work. Garovs in street style, bustier dress by Ava Paguyo. (Garovs, this dress is sooooo you!) , Miss Sixty pumps, Betseyville bag.

Liking the color choice, not a lot of guys would choose white, but he looks really dandy in this. Mickey in a waistcoat and suit by JC Buendia, Lois jeans, shoes and Christy's bowler hat from London.

Okay, your structural jacket is either Ivarluski or Joey, I stated when I was asking for his labels. It's Ivarluski. And apparently, I was like the third person to ask him that night about his jacket. Cool. Does that mean people can actually tell a designer's signature style nowadays? Promising. Promising indeed. Ivarluski Aseron jacket, Ralph Lauren Shirt, Eairth by Melissa Dizon jeans, Sledger shoes.

I never knew a pink suit could look so good. Jun Escario in a Jun Escario suit, Etro buttondown, Alexander McQueen jeans and sneakers.

Ooooh, where did you get your military jacket Shahani? From new local designer Tatah Galias. B brand shirt, Lee jeans, belt from mum.

Uberstylist Lotho beside his work.

This collab piece did not win but it's one of my favorites. Bianca Valerio in Million Dollar Baby.

Bronze goes to Karylle as the Duchess. Styled by Rex Atienza and shot by Noelle Hernandez.

*It figures lotho, how could the Duchess have won the second when yours is more bonnga. Sorry! =) And the silver goes to Lothos work in collaboration with Niccolo Cosme. Christian Bautista as Edward Scissorhands. Awesome.

And the grand prize winner goes to the GODFATHER. Make-up by Omar Ermita, styled by Bea Constantino and shot by Paolo Pineda. And would you believe, yes, can you believe, that THAT is Diether Ocampo? Amazing.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


You can spot designer denim from its fit, finish and features. The first one because of its super slim shape and stacked silhouette, the second because of the contrast leather texture. I'm loving both!! Left: Dior Homme jeans and sneakers. Right: Surface to Air denim and Kris Van Assche shoes. Don't you just love guys who rock their designer labels? Swoon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Been out the whole day doing pull outs and a shoot. So no time to check the new shows. Rodarte is up, can't wait to see that. I tried opening their page but couldn't even get to the second paragraph of the review coz all I can see are lines. Sleep now. Goodnight from me and Pokoyo.


Yup, thats THE MET's theme this year, and in a parallel universe, my brother (that's his facebook profile pic) would be Marc Jacobs muse. He had the hair, end of 2008 pa, a season before Marc's Fall/Winter concept. Of course I had to put him in the new stunna shades fresh off MJ's FW runway para ka-collekshyon. Pweeede. haha.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yeah, it's fashion week again, and it's not doing anything for the dark circles under my eyes. I've been checking the new shows everyday, can't wait for Paris because most of my faves are there: Balmain, Givenchy, Lanvin and Louis. Of course Marc is on top of my list too. So far, his is the only one that adjusts the eye. But then, it's only been three days.

The architectural shoulder is still strong for Fall. Okay, I can wear this.



But I draw the line on this.

Maybe if it came in a darker color? Erm. Still a no.

So, from last seasons New Pilgrim of orientalism slash plaids slash metallics, Marc goes time warp back to the 80s. There were a lot of pieces that I liked, the heightened shoulders were key trends, ornate prints in B&W hosiery, lace and satin combos reminiscent of Madonna's "Like A Virgin" Daze, printed metallics, all in all, fantastic fabrication. But the thing that was most striking was THE LOOK. HOE HEM GEE, its baaaaaaaaaaaack!

And then they cover all the flowers and they paint the trees,
Sweet and delicious look at all those treats
So what goes on before they touch my lips?
They make a rainbow. Nips! Nips!


My editor Pauline says that my style is more Fall/Winter than Spring/Summer. And she's right. I'm all for the cooler climate where I can rock the boots, hosiery, layers, blazers and leather. Does that mean the guy for me has to be the same? If he is, I wouldn't mind if he dressed up like this. Rowr.


And another sleb in Balmain! Bold shoulders rule. Gwyneth in a Balmain white tuxedo jacket over a Calvin Klein dress.


You know I'm all for the bordering on ugly but edgy and I'd-still-wear-it shoes, but this one on Rihanna makes me think twice. I'm not sure if I even like it all. What do you think?

Monday, February 16, 2009


Christophe Decarnin is the shit. He rocks my socks. Debate has been waged if the shoulder pad horror of the 80's is doing a rerun. Theres no question there, it IS back. Though not in the foamy Dynasty way. The new shoulder is more about structure, architectural. Like Balmain's signature military jackets and bejewelled dresses. Why is Jennifer Connelly suddenly in all the hottest pieces (la naman syang career)? last season she was in Balenciaga. And now Balmain. Either shes good friends with both designers, or her stylist is super good. But I like her, compare the runway and the red carpet, she can actually stand in for the model. She. HOT. And those Effing shoes. She copped the whole runway outfit. LUCKY!! Argh. Zara has one thats almost the same, for 8k. And I think its only in GB5.


I see him everytime I pull out in Zara GB5. And I've always liked his style. So, time for self introductions. Hi, DC. Him: Gerard. He's the retail manager for the GB branch. Of course it's a given that he has to wear Zara, but then with that room full of seperate pieces, it takes an eye for style to create a look that works. Case in point, his pants are actually full length tapered trousers that he gathered up on the knees. Nice. And the electric blue belt gives a touch of color to the monochromatic color scheme. Liking the beret and boat shoes too. Its just, so put together.


I go: cute shirt.
And then he goes: I made it.
me: Di nga.
him: OO NGA.
me: okay picture.

I heart his Graff style.

The men's Latino Icecream T'shirt by Okto features a front screenprinted photo design. This tee also has signature tags at various spots.
Style No :9205047 All sizes available. girls and boys
Price :399 per shirt. for orders or contact 0917.9205047.


Love, love, love the trousers. Designer Jerome Lorico in a Missoni top, trousers, his own design.


No one here gets dressed up in a two piece suit for a casual dinner out. Thats why Gilbert rocks because every time we see each other, his outfit always blows me away, liking the contrast but tone on tone piping on the waistcoat and the trouser pockets. Suit by 3.1 Phillip Lim.


Okay, I've seen how plaid has taken over the guy's wardrobe. I mean, It started off as a hipster's uniform of choice but it can actually be reworked into something new for Summer 2009. I like Robby's interpretation, hello South Americana. Liking the new bermuda length too. Shirt and shorts from Ab-normal Bangkok, Sandals from Vic Barba, Topman hat, Goyard bag

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Imagine magazine will always have a place in my heart. And at the party for its third issue, Cubao X saw the collective style powers of all contributing stylists, photographers, hair/makeup artists and the usual fashion denizens.

Chi in an H&M top, harem pants from Zara, Oxford from Rustan's. Moschino bag and bracelets from Human.

Nixon in Eairth top, Zara leggings, F&H bag, Asics shoes, DIY necklace, and accessories from Nike and Human

Marita channeling Balmain. Treated denim by Kiko Escora

Celine in a 40's inspired ensemble.

I'm liking his pseudo Dashiki shirt.

Garovs being so Japanese.

Rcxy in his own DIY studded shirt.

Mimi in full technicolor. (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)

Oooh, tailored pieces on BJ looks effortless. I like the cuffed hem with sockless oxfords. Fashyown. (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)

Didnt get his name but he rocks the blonde hair!! The slouchy jacket and anti-fit trousers are hot too! (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)

Xtina can practically wear anything and get away with it because she is just so enviously model thin. If i wore those PVC leggings, I'd just look ridiculously fat, but on her it looks, WOW. (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)


Okay, having brunch to celebrate your birthday is indeed something different and Tim actually pulled it off at the Shangri-la. I went out the previous night but I still woke up to go and see what the people would be wearing at 10am. It's a strange feeling to be with the usual gangs of bandits but with the sun as the natural source of light. That experience alone was priceless. That could also be the reason why I only took one photo. Staurday is always recovery. Gah.

Divine in a dress from a Bangkok designer, Kelly Hermes bag and Chanel necklace.

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes.