Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Imagine magazine will always have a place in my heart. And at the party for its third issue, Cubao X saw the collective style powers of all contributing stylists, photographers, hair/makeup artists and the usual fashion denizens.

Chi in an H&M top, harem pants from Zara, Oxford from Rustan's. Moschino bag and bracelets from Human.

Nixon in Eairth top, Zara leggings, F&H bag, Asics shoes, DIY necklace, and accessories from Nike and Human

Marita channeling Balmain. Treated denim by Kiko Escora

Celine in a 40's inspired ensemble.

I'm liking his pseudo Dashiki shirt.

Garovs being so Japanese.

Rcxy in his own DIY studded shirt.

Mimi in full technicolor. (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)

Oooh, tailored pieces on BJ looks effortless. I like the cuffed hem with sockless oxfords. Fashyown. (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)

Didnt get his name but he rocks the blonde hair!! The slouchy jacket and anti-fit trousers are hot too! (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)

Xtina can practically wear anything and get away with it because she is just so enviously model thin. If i wore those PVC leggings, I'd just look ridiculously fat, but on her it looks, WOW. (Photo by Myrrh Lao To)


Mark said...

the blonde guy is franco

Joni Andrea said...

Your blog is fabulous! Sending you an award - :)

Joni Andrea said...

Your blog is fabulous! Sending you an award - :)

Edrick said...

10 points for mr didn't get his name! (ay there, it's franco pala) love his bag. very nice post, so inspirational :-)