Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Fashion, art and music collides with the launch of the Lee Make History photo story competition at the LEE ROCKS MANILA EVENT. Mall of Asia, November 22. I'm giving away 10 VIP tickets, (yes giving away, no need to answer any questions!) that means, you get in the Lee dome (which is strictly VIP only) and get to:
1. View the Make History photo exhibition
2. Preview the spring summer 09 fashion show
3. Get drunk on unlimited booze and make chica with your friends over Friday's bar chow.
And as a bonus, you get a ringside seat to the concert in a cordoned off VIP section at the side of the stage, not only will you get to see the bands super up close, you can even wipe away their sweat during intermission.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


My friend Gil from LA called me up last night to ask me what my pant size was. And I go, why, are you getting me kalenshagas? And he goes, NO. Even better, apparently he went aranka to the Comme Des Garcon for H&M, lining up at 7am for the 9, (or was it 10 gillie?) store opening. I totally forgot about it but thank Goodness he didn't. H&M in the Beverly Center is the only one of the few who stocked the collab. And yes, it was gone, SOLD out in 30 minutes. I told him in advance that I wanted the tiered dress and the asymmetric jacket. But with all the competitive stye hunters smelling the designer blood, it was a shopping frenzy with people maniacally grabbing everything in sight. Sigh. I reckon I'll see them in ebay but whats the point? Anyhoo, at least he got me the dhoti pants, which I also love!!! and a bag(?). haha, I want the polka dot bag!!! Wah! thanks gillie. haha.
The queue.

The stash.

And the returns. It's not his size so anybody interested in buying this? It's mens Navy Blue/White, Large. let me know.

This too. Ladies ploka dot black and white cardi, Small.


Mong in Sepultura shirt, H&M trousers, Sperry Topsiders

Raims in customized Lee Jeans, details are awesome at a quarter angle but of course, silly me took a front shot without realizing till it was too late. Oh wellz, nek tymz.

If Chanel had a collab with Nike it would look like this

Friday, November 14, 2008


You'd think it's an odd combination but it actually works, The bow is a quirky touch. Sarah in a top from Stage, Onyx waistcoat, leggings from a bazaar in Rockwell, shoes from a store in Cebu, vintage clutch, bow she's had since childhood.


No faux-hawk for this guy. Noli in a duct taped leather jacket, boot cut jeans, Underground boots.


Style can be so effortless when you have the right arsenal. Marita in Eairth dress, jacket and hoisery from 168.

Burberry bag.

Ooooh. Structured semi wedge shoes, Jil Sander.


Eeeep, I likey this one. Flash is bigger than the cam. KYOWT. Kai's camera.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok, for the Anglophiles. Fred Perry just opened at Greenbelt 5. And eventhough we missed the whole Comme Des Garcon collaboration, at least we get the Swears, in white.


And the classic logo pique shirt by....


This is the way you do a high waist pencil skirt. Bianca in H&M blouse and skirt. Tory Burch flats, Balenciaga bag.


This jacket was one of the first pieces that Theodroes stocked. Until now I still drool over it. The creative brainchilds behind the brand Clawmoney rework vintage Chanel scarves into these. I loves itz.

My heart literally skipped! It's the last pair, so it's on sale. BUT, its two sizes smaller than my shoe size. Dammit. But for you who's a size 5, it's meant to be! Miss Sixty shoes, P5,457.

New stuff in, cool brand from LA, Endovanera.

And they have it here. Those trousers are love.

Theodores the Store
Bonifacio High Street, The Fort


Thank goodness for guys who are not afraid to wear color. Archie in Adidas track jacket and cream Sperry Topsiders


Yes, fuschia lipstick and torn stockings work. Xtina in a dress from Store for All Seasons, Forever21 gladiators, headband from Carolinas, vintage bling.


You know I'm a sucker for fierce shoes. Raf Simmons on Earl.

70s BLUE

This particular shade of blue is coolness. 70s blue they call it, and a key color for denim SS09. It also helps that those pseudo court shoes are a cute touch. Jo Ann in Giordano Concepts top, Paul Smith bermudas, Paul Smith shoes, Coach sling bag


I like the skater look that shops at Marc. Kiko in Topman shirt, Freshjive cut offs, Vans Eras, Head Porter pouch, Thomas Sabo Skull Pendant


Dark brown seems to be the forecasted color trend of summer 09 as seen in a lot of collections this fashion week. And Eric Delos Santos is one of those designers, but that's where the similarities end. His collection, inspired from the beauty of muscles and veins translated into a play of surface texture.
More photos and the rest of the review here...
Pintucks with a sprinkle of beadworks, formed sinewy patterns that created original fabrication. This fabric was then molded into bustier dresses, shifts and maxis. Pieces also came embellished with strips of pleats formed into some sort of structured chaos or uniformed tiers. Overall, the shapes were classic, which Eric is a big proponent of, but made contemporary with the fabric treatment and detail. It does come off as elegant and chic which was what the designer was really aiming for. Though the consistent use of the same dark shade, interrupted once in while by plum proved to be repetitious, it didn't lessen the fact that Eric knows what women wants, because as the highly constructed and sophisticated clothes went down the runway, the women obviously liked what they saw and I'm sure at the same time, pictured themselves in it.


Its fitting that Santi would take inspiration from a warrior princess as his collection is the strongest among the New Generation category. Working within a palette of warm earth tones and bronzes, he encapsulates the modern glamazon with easy to wear pieces thats tweaked and embellished with surface details.
More photos and the rest of the review here...
The first piece out was a simple shift but done with a concentric pattern of pleating that results in a creative play on texture and shine. then an a-line tent dress in a layer of gauzy transparencies, the usual if not not for the asymmetric high neck construction done in shirred tiers. And my favorite, a frock done with drapes and assymetric strips and then shirred to create floaty volumes. Its not only very pretty but its different and directional. That's not to say that his vision ends there, he knows that ensembles are nothing if a regular woman can't wear it, so for the rational dressers, there are the jersey pieces: roomy blouson mini dresses, deep decolletage cinched empires. Its surprises like this that make Fashion Week worth watching, a new designer with the foresight to know that he doesn't need to go over the top to impress nor go too minimal to depress. A perfect balance, quite a feat for one's debut in Fashion week, but he has interpreted his vision into strong key looks, it is what he says it is, a collection with texture, movement and innovation in mind. But he also came up with a gamut of fresh, very wantable and gorgeous pieces. Well done if I say so myself, this designer is definitely one to watch out for.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Argh. I hate myself for not having the time to upload new stuff. I'm so very sorry but the week has been more than hectic. But there is some good news, Imeem, my music player is back to playing full length songs. Yay! And I have more street shots. Double yay! and a new product feature, which i hope i can do with other stores. If they let me. So triple yay! Clincher is, you have to wait till later to see it. Boooo. I know, I haven't been slacking off though, i'm just really, really, REALLY exhausted and drained. Deadlines just closed and I'm all worded out. And the price for myself? glorious 8 hours of sleep. Finally.

Friday, November 7, 2008


J'adour everything Balmain. the washed out ripped skinnies, the extended shoulders suit. its so ROCKSTAR! And those shoes!! ROWR. Would you wear Balmain?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

90s BABY



I like this pic because I look thin. wahehe. tunic, sari-sari (circa 90's), waistcoat Zara, jodhurs John Herrera, Tony Bianco boots, Gucci bag


He makes cool suits. Brian Leyva in his own design.


Though Joey Samson is known for his menswear, I love his women's too. I heart this suit jacket mini dress.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For those who don't know, WGSN is the most comprehensive online research, trend analysis and service for the fashion and style industries. To be in it is like being knighted as a royalty of coolness. Not even mentioning the fact that now, the global eyes of the fashion industry are on you. Congratulations Issy!


Huh? Imeem used to play all my uploaded songs full, now it's just a ghost of its former self. Why isn't it playing full songs anymore? answers?


Is it me or are the fash kids getting younger and younger? Maverick in a Balenciaga button down, Giordano khaki shorts, bespoke gladiators his own design


Eek. Cute shoes. Love.
Ash shoes on Bianca.


In fairness, all the evening shows were packed to the rafters. I just don't get the front row people though, shouldn't they be editors, stylists, writers and buyers? The answer to that is, we don't have enough to fill front row. boo. Agree?

The Papz box looks promising though, there were never this much photogs. happy. =)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This kid has potential. I totally adored 10 of her pieces. In depth review in my column this week for Fashion Week Day 4 and Day 5.

Runway Photos Here...


Love its.

One of my favorite pieces.

My brother and I agree that this is SO me.