Saturday, November 1, 2008


Day Three
Luxe Wear Collection A
Oh no. That was the first thought that came to mind when i was looking through Escobars collection for fashion week days before the final show. Fully sequined copper fabric? Not only is it associated with diva showgirls, its actually quite hard to pull off. Full Review Here...
Then comes his show, the first girl out indeed wore the metallic sparkles but the shine was trapped beneath a same tone outer layer of chiffon effectively masking the glare. "I wanted glitz and glamour." Joel explained. And it was that and more, It was tasteful, contemporary and chic. He also played with surface texture adding liquid finish circle paillettes on already winking ebony sequined dresses, and it wasn't tacky at all. In fact, it was luxe with a capital L. Knowing that the glimmer might be enough of a distraction already, he did simple shift dresses in classic shapes. He also downplayed undisguised shine with matte solid statement neckpieces of pleated taffeta, corded lace, distressed tulle and tassels. But strangely, his strongest pieces were the ones that came with no sheen at all, the pretty rust colored pouffy dress in varying layers of chiffon and the edgy black mini tube dress with pleated scallop details called out to the fashion lovers in all of us.

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