Saturday, November 1, 2008


Day Two
Premiere Collection B
Showing a 30 piece collection for the Premiere B show, Tina Daniac's strongest came two thirds of the way in with reworked Grecian gowns. Though the dresses were gorgeous reinterpretations of sensual Goddesses garb, it somehow lost the Tina Daniac Rock N' Roll hip edge. Is this a more mature aesthetic or a deliberate attempt to polish her street couture sensibility?
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Whatever it is, her new state of mind mirrors a collection of very wantable, dreamy and delectable floor length gowns thats draped, shirred, layered, tucked, folded and displayed in a dizzying array of earths, copper, bronzes and blacks. She says "that everything is a blank slate that could be subjected to further enhancements." But with these pieces as base to work upon, i think no further enhancements are needed. One shoulder strapped gowns in two toned hues, lace tops and layered transparency skirts, silk volume harem pants. Each speaks for itself. Though obviously the muse in mind for her pieces is someone who is classically tall and thin, fashion needs the aspirational to make it wantable. And this is in fact what her clothes are, wearable and very very covetable.

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