Sunday, November 2, 2008


Some obviously very clueless men sat behind front row in one of the afternoon shows in Fashion Week and with voices loud enough to be heard by everyone:

As the first female models tableauxed on ramp:
"Somebody should feed them."

As the models went down the runway:
"She's leaned back on an angle, is she supposed to walk like that?"

And finally as the show was about to end:
"Do you want to stay for another one? We could also go to the electronics show downstairs, there's pretty models there too."

It took almost all of my willpower and a half not to turn around and smack them on the head with my notes. I don't care if they were old or whatever, it was rude and just plain bastos. It also made me sad because it just goes to show how far back along the line the fashion industry is, if it was the international shows, there would never be an empty seat and clueless men like that have no chance, EVER of getting in.


Anonymous said...

i am not sure if it happens in other countries, but the photographers were in a way distracting, especially during the grand allure show. they were already exhausted. making complaints,unnecessary noises, because of the long show.i also witnessed how a fashion director and a fashionista audience,stole shows. they came to the runway,together with the models, during the finale of the shows, and took the exit in front of the audience. just a thought, it was'nt formal.and it is in a way disrepectful for the organizers, the designers, and the can other countries see philippine fashion week as something formal/serious when those things happened? :-)
just sharing an opinion from a nomad/stranger in fashion/no authority...

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

hello styleanywhere, ah, i wasnt around the paparazzi box so I wouldn't know how distracting those exhausted photogs could be. But I have to admit that the Grand allure show was really quite exhausting with 20 (i think?) designers all in all.. ? Honestly, out of the 20, only 3 impressed me so that was unnecessarily long. And yes, i did saw that guy/girl standing up and walking after all the models when they were doing the final walk. It was actually pretty funny.

Well, internationally, theres Bruno, aka Ali G's new fashion persona who wanted to disrupt the shows, but knowing how fashion week security is tighter than a bank, he couldn't get in, even if he was in head to toe designer. We should have that filter with the designs that go down the runway, as well as the people who watch, but then, if we do put filters, who's there left to join and watch? So I guess its a no win situation.