Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Available March 2009.


Loving the double button pleat front sort of dhoti-ish trousers. Gil in H&M Purple Label pants, Rivy Ng wrap around cardi, C-in2 shirt, Diesel leathers


Kat in a one piece tutu dress from HK, Blazer from her tita, jewelry from Claire Bettita Samson, necklace from Dorothy Perkins, bag from Tomato, shoes from the States


Oh my God is that a Balenciaga? I screamed over the loud pumping music. Yes, teehee, she giggles. Drool. Marita in Balenciaga shell top.


Bianca in a vintage dress and belt from Paris, H&M sandals, Chanel bag


Mano in bespoke button down, SugarCane jeans, Adidas X Neighbourhood ZX 700 Boat Shoes. Archie in Topman sweater, cut off Lee Jeans, Adidas sneaks


Everyone wants to live in the Syquia Apartments. The waitlist for a unit is years. Hardwood floors, high ceilings and the best bohemian vibe ever. So whats the next best thing if you can't live in them? Crashing the units of course, every December Syquia holds the most fantastic open house party, with every unit open for guests and vying for the most recklesss debauchery with its own booze, food and entertainment. Halloween for the big kids. Mad Fun. Can't wait for next year.

DJ CALIPH8 at Carlos Celdran's

This Korean chick wanted a more elaborate headpiece but settled for this "safe" one

It's the gang! Kiki, Marits and Reann

More More More...
B, Steve-O and Quark

A baby grand in one of the units

Issy and Micheal

CZVS in Giordano Concepts jacket, American Apparel shirt, Initial dhotis, Greyhound shoes

Ferns and lights in another

CZ at work

The crowd


And more people

Cookie Chua

The best Cuban adobo at Dix's

Partying barefoot


And a riddle in the ceiling.


You know I love new volumes, and the long lean shirt paired with skinnies is way better than the ubiquitous cropped tight tee. Shirt by Balenciaga, Dior Homme Jeans, Jill Sander Hi-tops


Hey Guys, Happy New Year to all!! heaps of people have been requesting me to update already. Its not that I don't want to, just don't have the time. That's what going from freelance to having a dayjob means. Bah. Comments by friends range from the heartwarming to the downright funny. I met ryan&garovs of everywhereweshoot yesterday and they told me that checking my site at 4am wakes them up because the music just goes bulaga. hahaha. that made me laugh. Sorry, so yeah, i might have to go back to the non automated play. Its amazing that people really do spend time to check if I have new stuff in. So I guess that would be one of my main resolutions of the year, updating as much as I can.

So, dusting off the archives as I have to track back. Photos I have taken but havent uploaded, and it doesnt help at all that I'm injured. Left side of my back hurts to the point that I can't breathe when I walk. Ngurr. Just might have to bring myself to ER and have it checked. But other than that, everythings peachy. So yeah, whats in your top three resolutions, I'd love to hear it. Have a great Sunday!