Sunday, January 18, 2009


Everyone wants to live in the Syquia Apartments. The waitlist for a unit is years. Hardwood floors, high ceilings and the best bohemian vibe ever. So whats the next best thing if you can't live in them? Crashing the units of course, every December Syquia holds the most fantastic open house party, with every unit open for guests and vying for the most recklesss debauchery with its own booze, food and entertainment. Halloween for the big kids. Mad Fun. Can't wait for next year.

DJ CALIPH8 at Carlos Celdran's

This Korean chick wanted a more elaborate headpiece but settled for this "safe" one

It's the gang! Kiki, Marits and Reann

More More More...
B, Steve-O and Quark

A baby grand in one of the units

Issy and Micheal

CZVS in Giordano Concepts jacket, American Apparel shirt, Initial dhotis, Greyhound shoes

Ferns and lights in another

CZ at work

The crowd


And more people

Cookie Chua

The best Cuban adobo at Dix's

Partying barefoot


And a riddle in the ceiling.

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