Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sorry guys, as much as I want to update with new photos and stories, i have a really early call time tomorrow: 9am. Yah, early na yan for Vince and I. Heeh. We're shooting the reunion episode of Star World's Behind The Bylines.. All the Preview Editors are going to be there rocking their own version of this seasons trends. I'm pretty psyched on seeing what everyone will be wearing.

Earlier when I got home. I had to do a quick run through complete with dress rehearsal because i wanted AC to see my two outfit options. Argh. At the end of the day, I still didn't have anything to wear *pout*. Okay, okay, I know we all say that, but this time I'm in dire style dilemma. Bahala na si Batman. I'm going to sleep, maybe 8 hours of shut eye can give me better fashion inspiration. Good night.

Thursday, March 24, 2011








Y3 Pop-Up Store
2/F Power Plant Mall


In this floral blazer plus striped tee combo. I like.



My girlies and I, we were all single three years ago. We'd hit the clubs, NOT to meet boys but to drink and dance. We loved dancing to bits. And then Marits got with Kiko, Issy married Edvard and then I met the boyf. When Issy said she wanted a big night out without the partners, I said:hell yeah! I haven't gone clubbing in ages!! But then as with all plans, by the end of the day, we were all tired and instead of being in a smoky and crowded place with loud thumping music, we all voted to have a quiet dinner and a girly catch up instead. This was fun. But when schedule frees up, Issy, I still want to go clubbing. Haha.

Issy's new cavernous penthouse.
Marits (Marita Ganse, leather and fur designer now turned model) and Issy (Melissa Dizon of Eairth). They were drinking wine, I was drinking juice. Chakaroach.
Issy cooked us this huge Shepherds Pie. I always eat healthy when I'm at her place. I miss you already Iss. And baby Jupiter.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have a splitting headache. I wish I could be more profound than that but pain makes me lose words. Urggggh.

P.S. I've been trying for the past few nights to get a built-in mini player uploaded to my posts, but I'm resigned to the fact that blogger blocks all music uploads. Sad. I've got a brand spanking new music playlist that's sure to get you heaving in MY pseudo dance floor. Electro-indie dance that'll make you scenesters mouth the words and sing while pumping your fists in the air. Don't worry Anna Canlas, you'll get your mixtape.


I'm seriously in high temperature over the Mini Luggages okay? So when Jappy gave the heads up that the new stocks were unwrapping at the floor of his store in Shangri-La, I was all agog!!
The bag of my dreams is here! After searching high and low for it, and in different countries too! I'd find the navy/tan/white tri-color Mini luggage here!!!
This one was a strong contender too, animal print rowr.
Or this textured finish with contrasting white straps.
The Shoulder Mini came with longer straps that you can carry on your shoulder.
But I ended up with the tri-color Micro (one size smaller, Pero di na ako choooosy!!) as the Mini was already sold out that same day. Went back on the second day (just in case anyone returned a Mini) but for those who are as rabid for the Céline luggages as I am, they're all gone. Wow.


This time in Shangri-La Plaza. Did deep forest greens and nudes.


After the Celestina event, boyf picked me up for dinner. I wanted a photo with this outfit, although its not seen here, its supposed to be a mullet top. Short in front but with a longer back. Directional silhouette. And you know how I love my button-downs! A new shape incorporated to a classic favorite? Ay. Go for gold! Paired it with a high waisted skirt and my favorite boxy handbag, a Christmas pressie from the boyfie.
He insisted we try Ukkokei instead of the usual Shinjuku. Can't say that I was totally blown away. I got the Miso based Pork Ramen. It was okay. I liked the Chicken Kara-age though. It was yum.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Is apparently 240,000 San Miguel beer cans. The Celestina and San Miguel installation was revealed (literally) a few days back.
But before everything else, remember that my sacrifice for lent is Alcohol and Chips? Well, of course, it can't be a San Miguel event without all of the brewery's products. Light, Dry, Strong Ice, Premium, even Pale Pilsen and the newer flavored ones. I have not seen all of my alco-friends served complete in any event. Ever. Arrrrrggggghhhh. Of all days! TEMP.TAY.SHYON!
And guess what were on the tables? Ano pa nga ba? Chips!!!
So to distract myself, I grabbed nalang a non-alcholic drink. Cali. CALI!!! The event had Cali! It's so hard to find this drink na kaya! Holy grail of faux-alcohol! When I was younger, I'd pretend that this was beer. Ah, to be young talaga. Now that I can drink beer without limitation, I wish I could pretend it was non-alcoholic. Heeh.
They even Beer-ded up the fountain. Lest you think this was just an exhibition of excess, San Miguel has pledged P500,000 for Habitat for Humanity and the exhibit: a platform to invite other generous souls as well. Although I didn't see it, there were empty beer cans in the installation (in the store) with coin slots for donations.
Still, the product mix was amazing.
Is this in memory of Paul the Octopus?
Origami Neoprene.
Reptile love.
Spotted: Celine.
I'm always ecstatic when I photograph new people. Although of course Josie Natori is an industry pillar, I've never had the chance to take her photo till now. *kilig*
And of course, the woman behind it all, Tina Maristela-Ocampo. The epitome of class and elegance. Her first photo in my blog too. *happy*


If you think the Preview Editors are just all glam and heels, we can also do street very well too, thank you very much. Cindy our Beauty Editor in K-Pop style.

I have a varsity jacket (from Korea too!) that matches this sooper coot baseball cap. But this top just takes the cake. Heather gray sleeves versus black transparency. I like.
And New Balance for the win. So British. But apparently, so Korean too.
And an MCM knapsack! I haven't seen MCM bags in a while, good to have them back! Although for this style, I've only seen Cindy wearing it. No one else. Props for the bragging rights GN!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Was a really loooooong day. As en. I'm not kidding. Promise. Last count, 30 photos. So, baka lang kse ma bore kayo, I cut it into two parts. The AM which is this one = 4 photos. (Ay. Di naman pala masyadong mahaba. Heeeh) And the latter part which is below.

Day started at BHS with the GAP collabo. Gave styling tips to VIP clients and met women from different career fields. Pretty interesting. Even got one to say CHHEECK!! Because the outfit that I recommended looked really good. Haha. Anyway, not much of a Bonifacio High Street Girl as I'm more keen to stay in GB but the major difference between both is the massive attack of pedigree. And when I say massive, as in WOLF levels.

I died when I saw this Alaskan Malamute who was about my hip level. I want one. Pang accessory lang sa Fashion Week diba? (Sige, ayaw nyo ako ilagay sa front row?) And believe it or not, this adorable giants name is Fluffy. *Aw....*
Anna was there to tag team with me for the styling. Payat lang diba? Those ultra skinny Cheap Monday jeans look extra long and slimming. Gah. On mine it'll probably look like stuffed sausages. Hate.
Of course, group photo with the Gap team. Preview girl=sunnies on.
And a Shark bite from Aldo! Finally found the perfect size 8 flat boots. Yippeedeedoodah!


And as the sweltering summer heat cooled into the night breeze, the boyf picked me up for some Sinigang dinner at Sentro (craving sour like theres no tomorrow!!) and a surprise concert. We were watching The Whitest Boy Alive! Yay! Buti nalang I was wearing flats the whole day while styling, wasn't that tired yet. And by flats I mean about 2-1/2 inches. Kse, when its really close to the ground, thats what you call Flat-flats. (theres like that? Fashion lingo 101)
But honestly, not really a fan. But the boyf is, and I trust him because he has impeccable music taste. I gravitate more towards Aussie/Brit indie dance. Although I like Indie Rock also: Temper Trap, The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, The Hurts.. You get it.

D: Cool, they sound like a more upbeat version of Kings of Convenience.
M: Hun, thats because the lead is actually one half of that band.
D: Oye.

Heeh. So much for that.

Really enjoyed it bug, thank you for taking me.

Bumped into the usual supects, Anne who is a major fan complete with DIY banner. Its that rolled black cartolina thing. And since she was the only one who was waving anything close to a fan effort, the band played her request. Laakkkaaas!

Love the fact that Annes been rocking the cropped trend. Its starting to become her signature uniform. And looking good while at it too. Man, if i had toned abs like that, I'd wear a bikini everyday.
George showing off another cropped trend, but this time with bondage incorporated. Congrats on the Preview Cover girl! It's selling like hotcakes. Yowzers!
Mond in moto love.
Quark & Kate. The duo behind the whole TWBA shebang.
B in a Barong thats very Spring Summer 2011.
Smirk on M equals <3
Saw last year's Preview best dressed Anne Jacobe chaperoning a bagets dinner party in Opus.
Saw a new toy at Sunglass Hut (still at Resort's World) thats not even sunnies. Boyf and I were drawn to some Delphic music playing. Sabi namin, ang cool naman ng musical taste.
Kaya pala. It was Euric in action: Bag Raiders + Faker in the short time that we chatted.
Next stop: Mercato. (Told you it was a long day)
Got to the Fort, stepped in the tent, and it was Garage EIC Ray Ilagan, in a suit! Talk about Hi-Lo.
Cute graphic tie.
Studded shoes.
And the reason why we were there. Pan De Bagnet sandwiches that Pauline recommended.
Heavenly pork in Pita.
With mustard leaves. Quite a unique taste and incredibly yummy. Although found it a bit steep at 200 a pop. Still, one has to pay for extra special one-offs.
Of course got my favorite, naked chinese lumpia with crispy seaweed.
And Mano got his kebab. Melt in the mouth aromatic goodness.
Overheard in the line in front of us: "lasang Arabo ba yan?" Lol. Ano ba ang lasang Arabo? Wouldn't even know if it smacked me in the head.
The End.