Monday, March 21, 2011


If you think the Preview Editors are just all glam and heels, we can also do street very well too, thank you very much. Cindy our Beauty Editor in K-Pop style.

I have a varsity jacket (from Korea too!) that matches this sooper coot baseball cap. But this top just takes the cake. Heather gray sleeves versus black transparency. I like.
And New Balance for the win. So British. But apparently, so Korean too.
And an MCM knapsack! I haven't seen MCM bags in a while, good to have them back! Although for this style, I've only seen Cindy wearing it. No one else. Props for the bragging rights GN!


in Aie's shoes said...

i love her top to bits!

BJ Pascual said...

Those backpacks are the shit in korea, everyone has them! rey got one when we were there. muntik na nga akong bumili. hahaha. apparently mcm is also popular among hipsters in norway.