Monday, March 14, 2011


Was a really loooooong day. As en. I'm not kidding. Promise. Last count, 30 photos. So, baka lang kse ma bore kayo, I cut it into two parts. The AM which is this one = 4 photos. (Ay. Di naman pala masyadong mahaba. Heeeh) And the latter part which is below.

Day started at BHS with the GAP collabo. Gave styling tips to VIP clients and met women from different career fields. Pretty interesting. Even got one to say CHHEECK!! Because the outfit that I recommended looked really good. Haha. Anyway, not much of a Bonifacio High Street Girl as I'm more keen to stay in GB but the major difference between both is the massive attack of pedigree. And when I say massive, as in WOLF levels.

I died when I saw this Alaskan Malamute who was about my hip level. I want one. Pang accessory lang sa Fashion Week diba? (Sige, ayaw nyo ako ilagay sa front row?) And believe it or not, this adorable giants name is Fluffy. *Aw....*
Anna was there to tag team with me for the styling. Payat lang diba? Those ultra skinny Cheap Monday jeans look extra long and slimming. Gah. On mine it'll probably look like stuffed sausages. Hate.
Of course, group photo with the Gap team. Preview girl=sunnies on.
And a Shark bite from Aldo! Finally found the perfect size 8 flat boots. Yippeedeedoodah!


Julian said...

Your outfit looks extra great with your really cool hair. :)

ynaamores said...

You always look good with animal prints!