Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Overslept on Monday morning.

One of my major pet peeve: people being late. Because time is very important to me, with my schedule always packed--a slight deviation from anything usually sets back a lot of things--creating an unwanted chain reaction. So punctuality is ingrained (although I think this gets better with age), a decent courtesy other people appreciate because it shows that I also respect how valuable their time is.

So imagine me going helter-skelter when I didn't wake up with my alarm. Although in fairness, I got to my 11am meeting at 10:58. And in heels too.

Talked with the people behind The Gap for a Preview collaboration. Details to be announced soon. Nikki, the brand's marketing was all cheery. Cute outfit too, in a pleated blush skirt paired with flat leather lace-ups.
After the meeting, it was back to the office for the weekly roundup and updates with the team. Then it was off to source and pullout. Was in Power Plant Topshop when Divine walks in with Nix. Talagang naka Kermit Tesoro habang nag ma-mall. Daywear lang. Care! Lahveet.
And after a full day of heaving shopping bags full of soon-to-be-shot products, it was off to Ystyles Anniversary in White Space. Of course I got there just in time. 5 minutes before the fashion video (shot by Paolo Pineda) was shown.
Skull cut-outs. Amazing find from the Landmark on Ana Kalaw.
Transparency was a big choice for the night. One.
Char, I love your earrings.
Cinnamon bun shoulders.
Sis, blurred ka pa rin. Sorry! Laureen of
Pauline Prieto makes everyone else look fat.
Ria doing pastoral.
Projection on the walls.
Pedi brights x spiked hardware on ze Preview Editor: Pauline.
Robot was the place to be for after dinner and drinks. Long overdue catch up with Young Star EIC Paolo Lorenzana, who by the way came spiffied up in his 5cm suit, scalloped dress shirt and skinny suspenders. Fashyown. Perfect get up for a long night talking about relationships.
Although we all ordered Makis, I got the soft-shell crab, and truffled portobello, Tim made us try heaps of dishes. This was the Japanese pizza, where the dough came in the form of Japanese rice crackers. Bin-bin lang. The soft Uni and the crunchy cracker was a surprisingly good combo.
Chef Bruce Ricketts.
I go: "Kapatid siya ni Ronnie Rickets?"
And I don't know if it was Tim or Paolo who said: "Hindi, anak." Oo nga naman, ang bata naman niya maging kapatid. I feel old.
Chef Ricketts cooked us this amazing Sea Bass in Uni reduction with soft cabbage on the side. It. Was. Amazing.
And Tim going from eventologist to mixologist. His quotable quote of the night: "Maturity in a relationship is overrated. Be a child and be happy." Hahaha. Easier said than done though. Portrait courtesy of Raymond And. Thanks Rayms! Alam mo na yown.
The End.

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