Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sorry guys, as much as I want to update with new photos and stories, i have a really early call time tomorrow: 9am. Yah, early na yan for Vince and I. Heeh. We're shooting the reunion episode of Star World's Behind The Bylines.. All the Preview Editors are going to be there rocking their own version of this seasons trends. I'm pretty psyched on seeing what everyone will be wearing.

Earlier when I got home. I had to do a quick run through complete with dress rehearsal because i wanted AC to see my two outfit options. Argh. At the end of the day, I still didn't have anything to wear *pout*. Okay, okay, I know we all say that, but this time I'm in dire style dilemma. Bahala na si Batman. I'm going to sleep, maybe 8 hours of shut eye can give me better fashion inspiration. Good night.

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fuchsiaboy said...

hope you aced the shoot dc!

ikaw pa ;) sando at shorts lang eh fasyon na!