Monday, March 7, 2011


With Céline. Thats how my Facebook status should read. I profess my love for the brand and yes, I would give up my kidneys, lungs and heart for the Mini Luggage. This was taken in Mitsukoshi Ginza by my Fashion Fairy Godmother, Penny (I wuv you!), who makes all my designer bag obsessions come true!! =) She manages to locate all the really-hard-to-find ones. Its unaccessible online at all the usual luxury sites, and last time she asked her SA in Printemps, it was unavailable. Buuut apparently, they have deep stock in Japan! I. Love. Eeeet!!!!

Just so you know how fast they go, the green Micro Shopper (middle bag) was sold out the next day after this photo was taken. Boohoo.
I'm waiting on Penny's buyer to bring me news from Paris(?) on the availability of the tri-color one on the topmost, but in mini size.
Sa kaka discuss namin ng Celine Mini Luggage, we've somehow become semi-experts on it na. Haha. It comes in 5 sizes:
(Info from the purse forum)
Céline SS/2011 Luggage information

Nano Shopper with strap: 20x20x10cm
Micro Shopper: 26x26x14cm
Mini Shopper : 30x30x17cm
Medium Shopper: 38x40x18cm
Shoulder Shopper: 37x30x17cm

These are Micro Shoppers: Tan and Salmon Pebbled Leather for Summer 2011.
Hello baby. I love it because its so understated that only people in the know recognize it. I mean, its not blatantly screaming designer logos, Celine stamp is so small and in cracked gold foil pa. Its become recognizably iconic because of its boxy shape and curved squiggle. And I have to say, craftsmanship is IMPECCABLE.
sneek peak!
Last year I've only seen Malou Pineda of Rockwell carrying it. And I swear I. died. Honestly, I've been lusting over this bag since last year!! The brother, the boyfriend, and even my EIC knows it!!

But this year, I've spotted two already in the Rajo + Plains and Prints event:
(Photo courtesy of Yayay De castro/
Lucille Dizon
Janina Dizon in Spring 2011 Luggage Canvas
And this one random girl in Power Plant who was carrying the all black one. If the boyf didn't stop me, I would have gone up to her and say that I really appreciate her taste. =)

Anywayz, can't wait to take the new baby out for a spin.



Tom said...

I love my Céline cabas, pero when I was in the Philippines, somehow my sweaty hands removed some of the dye on the handles. Didn't stop me from buying another Céline, though. lol

Shane Bailey said...

I'm in desperate wait for the tri-color tote. I ordered a mini size but I actually prefer bigger size. Are you sure that the tri-color version (black white and tan) comes in medium size too? Thank you!

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hey Shane! I'm not sure if it comes in a medium but I'm pretty sure it comes in the nano, micro and mini. I super wanted the mini size but when I got to the store it was sold out. So i ended up buying the micro tri-color. Not complaining though, it's absolutely gorgeous.

Although I think that bag in the top photo is a Medium. Thing is, its just so hard to find! Once stocks drop, it gets sold out in a day. Good luck with finding yours though. =) Send me pics once you get hold of it.