Monday, March 7, 2011


Had a lunch date with Young Star EIC Paolo last week for a long deserved catch up and he recommended that we have dimsum in Shi Lin. I've never been there before but the promise of an interesting gab session and some Xiao Long Paos was enough to brave San Miguel Avenue on a Friday. And I have to say, along with the great company was one of the best Xiao Long Paos I've ever tasted. Sorry Pao that you have to take backseat to the food, =) but thank you so much for suggesting it!

They say its better than Crystal Jades. I've never tried the franchise here, only in HK so I can't tell. But this, I promise is sooooper yum. The staff trained in Taiwan since the franchise is from there.
We tried the shrimp and pork dumpling also.
And the Taro buns are to.die.for. I swear, ang sarap nya. And its so perfectly round! Even if the food was coming out of my nose na, coz i was so full. I finished one whole bun. Nyerap.
And heres Paolo. Cutie, awesome writer and single. Pimp lang kita Pao. Hehe.
Went back on Sunday taking AC along with me, we tried the vegetable and mushroom dumpling din. Good too!

Shi Lin
3rd Floor, The Podium

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