Thursday, March 3, 2011


AC says that he likes our Preview March cover. That means a lot because AC in his way is a bit hard to please. Ultra high standards. To be honest, this was one of the hardest shoots to do. One would think that it's easy since theres nothing really there to style coz they're almost naked. But thats the complicated part. Precision is key because even the smallest awkward angle crosses the line from being artfully tasteful to just being two people without clothes on.
Preview March
If you haven't guessed, this is an accessory story. As Vince eloquently puts it, its "Skin on skin". So there were heaps of Leopard on shoes...
On outerwear and underwear...
On accessories...
I had pieces made too. Briefing the designers that the peg was animal print. Accessory designer Ken Samudio came up with these gorgeous neckpieces. Rowr.
Heres B, the calm before the storm.
And outtakes of the shoot. Sorry if I have to put a watermark on it. Only ones that run in the magazine have it.
IMG_5702 copy
AC did three bespoke footwear for the cover story. None going below 5 inches. And he named all the three pairs in honor of the three Uy siblings. This one is the "Liz".
And after all the bends, twists and muscle control to achieve all the complicated poses that Vince wanted. (You have to buy the magazine to believe), it was time to breathe a sigh of relief and say: "It's a wrap!!"

And you think that's all? This issue comes with two loaded guns. Guess who else is in it?
Eeeek. Yes, its the Azkals!! I can actually hear the adolescent girls screaming!!
Here they are, a bit of playful warm-up before the cameras start snapping.
The brainchild of our football fanatic EIC Pauline, this shoot wouldn't have been conceptualized if not for her. She had the foresight--knowing these footy cuties were going to be big. (Hello, Belo Medical group?)
The only time that my blurred photos work: so that you actually go and buy the magazine to see the real thing.
Imagine them smiling at you... Yiii. Kilig much?
The end.


Julian! said...

Awesome! The cover is AMAZING.

I know I'm going to love this issue, because somehow leopard print has found its way into my wardrobe. Hihi. And I'm really stoked for summer!!

gillian said...

The last time I saw the name "Preview" in print was your April 2008 issue! Totally excited to get the latest copy! Kudos to you and the team!

inkarlcerating said...

yey.. may bts na! bongga , daryl! haha

Anonymous said...

were they really nude? haha :)