Friday, March 11, 2011


Remember the color project that I was saying a few posts back? Told you guys I would upload the looks? My last day is today/later. Although, I actually like going full color ha. Different vibe and feel to it. So here eeet is. Ta! Da!

Day 1.
03.09.11 Wed. (Photo by Isha)
Top: Bespoke ABC. Gift from AC coz I sooooper love Sharks.
Leggings: SM because they've got it all.
Shoes: Blackland
Shopper: Proenza Schouler

Day 2.
03.09.11 Thurs. (Photo by Bincht)
Button-down: Oxygen
Blazer: Protacio
Skirt: Supré
Shoes: Hech En Em
Socks: Forever 21 (F21, can you please have socks thats scrunchable? I've bought almost all of your ankle versions already but I want one that creates folds. Please?)
Bag: Céline

Day 3.
03.10.11 Fri. (Photo: wala pa, para naman bumalik kayo mamaya. hehe) (Photo by Mano)
Tank: Forever 21
Shrug: ForMe
Skirt: HK
Shoes: HK
Socks: Forever 21
Bag: Céline

So there. 3 different looks of the same trend.
Look 1: Graphic
Look 2: Tailored
Look 3: Boheme
Para naman may diversity at challenge diba? Project a SUCCESS. Yaaaay!


donnaguerrero said...

ate daryl, Ikaw na! ikaw na ang pinaka comedyanteng blogger! ang kyot mo mag blog! teehee! :)

YekkY said...

You look great in colors!!! ;) I love your shoes on the first day(Blackland)?! Any details for inquiries ;)

Carla said...

I love both outfits!:) You're amazing.:)

ynaamores said...

OMG i soo mlove the 2nd photo. Nice color blocking! Will surely try the blazer and polo combo because of you

ynaamores said...

Oh and I love the shoes on the first photo!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Where to get the Blackland shoes? Is that local? Thanks, you rock!

Czarina Maye said...

Ganda ng shoeezeeyyy. :)

Anonymous said...

haha, natawa ako sa day3!

Julian! said...

LOVE IT! Wow. And I so agree that SM has got it all.

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hi guys, really appreciate your comments. =)

Blackland inquiries at Outrageous shoes noh?

Kookie B. said...

Daryl, super love the Blackland shoes. Where can I find it? I'm not quite familiar with the brand. Eck.

Mandi G said...

daryl! i super looove all your outfits!! :)