Monday, March 14, 2011


And as the sweltering summer heat cooled into the night breeze, the boyf picked me up for some Sinigang dinner at Sentro (craving sour like theres no tomorrow!!) and a surprise concert. We were watching The Whitest Boy Alive! Yay! Buti nalang I was wearing flats the whole day while styling, wasn't that tired yet. And by flats I mean about 2-1/2 inches. Kse, when its really close to the ground, thats what you call Flat-flats. (theres like that? Fashion lingo 101)
But honestly, not really a fan. But the boyf is, and I trust him because he has impeccable music taste. I gravitate more towards Aussie/Brit indie dance. Although I like Indie Rock also: Temper Trap, The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, The Hurts.. You get it.

D: Cool, they sound like a more upbeat version of Kings of Convenience.
M: Hun, thats because the lead is actually one half of that band.
D: Oye.

Heeh. So much for that.

Really enjoyed it bug, thank you for taking me.

Bumped into the usual supects, Anne who is a major fan complete with DIY banner. Its that rolled black cartolina thing. And since she was the only one who was waving anything close to a fan effort, the band played her request. Laakkkaaas!

Love the fact that Annes been rocking the cropped trend. Its starting to become her signature uniform. And looking good while at it too. Man, if i had toned abs like that, I'd wear a bikini everyday.
George showing off another cropped trend, but this time with bondage incorporated. Congrats on the Preview Cover girl! It's selling like hotcakes. Yowzers!
Mond in moto love.
Quark & Kate. The duo behind the whole TWBA shebang.
B in a Barong thats very Spring Summer 2011.
Smirk on M equals <3
Saw last year's Preview best dressed Anne Jacobe chaperoning a bagets dinner party in Opus.
Saw a new toy at Sunglass Hut (still at Resort's World) thats not even sunnies. Boyf and I were drawn to some Delphic music playing. Sabi namin, ang cool naman ng musical taste.
Kaya pala. It was Euric in action: Bag Raiders + Faker in the short time that we chatted.
Next stop: Mercato. (Told you it was a long day)
Got to the Fort, stepped in the tent, and it was Garage EIC Ray Ilagan, in a suit! Talk about Hi-Lo.
Cute graphic tie.
Studded shoes.
And the reason why we were there. Pan De Bagnet sandwiches that Pauline recommended.
Heavenly pork in Pita.
With mustard leaves. Quite a unique taste and incredibly yummy. Although found it a bit steep at 200 a pop. Still, one has to pay for extra special one-offs.
Of course got my favorite, naked chinese lumpia with crispy seaweed.
And Mano got his kebab. Melt in the mouth aromatic goodness.
Overheard in the line in front of us: "lasang Arabo ba yan?" Lol. Ano ba ang lasang Arabo? Wouldn't even know if it smacked me in the head.
The End.


Raymond said...

"But honestly, not really a fan. But the boyf is, and I trust him because he has impeccable music taste."

Awww. Siyempre shared appreciation for WBA nakapag kilig sakin. Haha

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Aba, ang Raymond! May blags ka na din pala, kaso walang update!! Haha. And you went to Mercato as well. What was your favorite? Ayan, mag food trip nalang tayo ni Anna and Pao ano? Tapos same content sa lahat ng blogs natin, haha.

Collective appreciation for food naman! Now that's kilig. Heeeh.

Indulgence In Senseless Pleasure said...

Miss Daryl,

I am graduating high school in a few days, and I just wanted to ask if you would like to take me under your wing, as an intern? :D

I am one of your biggest fans. If you like, you can send me your email or something, and I can send a resume. I would love to be your intern!!!!!!

Much love,