Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love my iPad, it has totally changed how I work. But the thing that sucks about it is, I can't upload photos when I'm blogging. And the best time for me to post and write captions is that lull between lying down and waiting to get sleepy. A tablet is the perfect companion, at my most relaxed, I ramble on with the words... without even having to get up to stash chargers and shut down anything when I'm done. But then I can't upload images, nor can I resize and edit. So in other words, REAL blogging will have to wait until tomorrow/later. As of now, I just got done making a visual collage of trends for my column this Saturday. Art attack Lang ang level so my eyes are actually like these na> @.@. Nurninur. So goodnight for now. More photos and stories after the 8 hour sleep requisite. And just a quick rundown on how my day went:
-Used my miles to book a flight to a new country--beating expiration date by 2 hours.
-Shot around 70 bags, but I only need 12 for my page. It's best to have backups--in this case, around 58.
-Planned to go to the Shu Uemura event in Robot, with outfit and shoes all ready, but wrapped my shoot at 10. Too late for a party that started at 7.
-My good friend Penny found my next, and so-hard-to-find designer bag (that I would give up my kidney for)-- In Japan! 30%15% more expensive than Paris but would you believe I've been dying to have it since last year but it's just soooo elusive? But at the cost that I'm getting it, patience just might be the currency my wallet is longing for.
Laters. Skaters.

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