Friday, March 11, 2011


Nope, not talking about weed but that acronym stands for *drumroll please and reveal!* :
Guys, cmon, you can be more excited than that.

Syaaaaaaah. With the ipad (eto nanaman), i can actually just lie down, pillows propped, overhead lights turned off, snuggled under comforter, and lurk in all my favorite blogs and style sites till i get sleepy or my battery runs out. Whichever comes first. And i dont have to close any screens, wait for shut down time and detangle any attached cords. With just one click...sulit! Haha. So ayan, I've picked three that's gotten my attention amidst all the images that Fashion Week has generated. Enjoy.

Did the photographer wait for the moment when cigarette met leather? Ouuch on the Celine. It breaks my heart!!!
Source from HERE.

I remember asking Pauline early last year if she saw any Chrome nail polish in the market since she is the Nail expert. She said there wasn't any available--yet. During that time. But a few months later when she came back from Paris, she bought me this bottle of Chrome/Silver COLORPLAY70 nail polish that was just liquid silver on nails!! Rocked that color last year and till now remains my favorite finish. Just like this girl (actually, ako yan eh. Chos)
Source from HERE.

And something that made me smile. Ricardo Tisci (pronounced Teeshee) of Givenchy but now with Dior, giving Carine a kiss. Awwww.
Source from HERE.

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