Monday, March 14, 2011


Everything that could go wrong went wrong with me today. Previous night, drank two glasses of Prune Juice, a Yakult and a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper in vinegar. Suffice to say, I was up all night.... Erm... Blogging. So. Tucked in at 430 am and of course overslept. Had a 1230 lunch again with Paolo L. in Eat Well and I had to go reschedule that to 1.

So again, I hate being late so tarantini nanaman. Third day of my color project, (its posted na below, yay!) and i have the wrong bag. Though in fairness, it works naman. Didn't have time to chuck all my things in another tote so kebs, yan na! Went down to the garage only to see that my car had a flat! Argh. Of all the days!!!!! So off to a wobbly start going to the gas station. When I get there to have my soft tires of 10 filled to a 30, i realized i left my phone at home. *$@%#* Breathe. Breathe. There's a reason for this i kept telling myself.

Paolo got in 10 minutes after I got to the resto saying profuse apologies (although he technically wasn't, I just got there first), apparently, we both have the same number one pet peeve: people being late. Haha. And weirdly enough, as the meal of Hot and Sour soup, Sweet and Sour Pork and Eggplant with Minced Fish progressed, we discovered too many similarities that bordered on the freaky. Not going into details, but that was one fun and weird experience. Katakot actually but amazing at the same time. And you're an empath! That really caught me offguard!

Can't wait for the next one Pao, hopefully there's mushrooms involved.

After lunch, on the way to the office, took a wrong turn and ended up in Buendia instead of Edsa. can this day get any worse? Bang-head-on-wall moment. But then, for JAPAN, it did. Got in my desk to the news of the 8.9 quake. Wow. Goosebumps level with a slow sink in the stomach. I started to think tuloy that the reason why I was so out-of-sync was because obviously there was some great disturbance in the force. You know, an imbalance of balance. Made me think of this show that I once watched about random event generators and how its suppose to measure global consciousness. Don't know how that links back to me being so scattered but can I help it if its somehow rooted in some conspiracy theory in my head. Geek out lang.

But really, seeing the devastation live on TV, made my complaints for the day sound so insignificant. Catastrophe in a grand scale always puts things into perspective. You realize whats important and what's not. Took time out to whisper a short prayer and then I called Cebu and talked to my Dad.

The Philippines are still praying for you Japan.

Relatively quiet afternoon after that, checked a few pages and chit-chatted with Mother P and Kissa.. Mostly about the quake and it's repercussions--how at least Japan has the back up systems in place to handle a disaster of this magnitude. But still, even with all the preparations, it's nothing compared to reality--that nature in its wildest can't be controlled and bended to mans will.

As for the rest of my day, took photos. Summer is officially here, Pauline came in with a burst of sunshine and a bright orange blooming foliage of a skirt.
It's all about the details: ruffled bib, braided collar, gray pearl buttons.
Friday also meant that it was dinner time with good friends. For a change of scenery, the usual GB was traded for BHS. Walked by The Gap and saw that our collabo was up. Took photos even with the guard giving me the evil eye. Bakit? Bawal?
Dinner was at Mamou's. Friends from L.A. were here so it was the usual crew, AC, Epoy, boyf plus Gillie and Jay.
Gillie sported the Rodarte shirt exclusive to Fashion Night Out. So jearlous.
AC in some maximalist armor.
And Epoy in his G-shock with his hands dancing to "Like a G-Six" hahaha.
For the food, if you guys haven't eaten at Mamous, the specialty are the steaks. But this Truffle Cream Pasta holds its own also and IS TDF! I swear, it makes you feel all warm and gooey inside, parang Love. Yiiiiii. =) Yumburgers as inches!! I haven't tried anything else thats topped it so far. Ganon sya ka sarap. Well try it out for yourself and let me know.
And heres the steak, marbled with enough fat to have Mano die of beef happiness.
And as if all that food wasn't evil enough, it comes with this Spinach Cream side and Steak Rice. Drool.

Prepare P1800-P2000/person for the steak and pasta: Twin size steak to share and the Truffle Cream split into half. But as for me, I always get the pasta for solo. Heeeh. Bondatch lang.

MAMOUS, Serendra


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