Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Weird that I'm backtracking all my days. Sorry po. Busy lang. Saturday found me in Megamall, why? Don't even ask, I often think that to myself too when I have to elbow my way through all the weekend shoppers. But then its the only mall that has Forever 21. The quickest retail fix if you are in a dire fashion emergency. Which I am every other Saturday of the week.

Anyhoo, had a bit of spare time to do looky-loos in the other stores and went inside Oxygen. Okay, if you know my style, you would know that the brand carries very Japanese aesthetic looking clothes. In other words, black, slouchy and my usual uniform. I always end up getting something when I do get to go to the store.

Imagine my delight when I found a few pieces in color. BTW, have a color project this week. Will not wear black for three days straight. I wore an explosion (and when I say explosion, Im not kidding) of colors today. Just wanted to go out of my comfort zone and see if i can still wear whatever the heck I want to wear without any limitations. I have to admit that the bright patterns scared the crap out of me, was hesitant to wear it but figured, what the hell. Lifes too short. Even the team noticed when I got to the office:
Tara: Wow, Daryl, iba ka today ha. Parang I love this whole bright patterns going on.
Vince: Teeeeh!! Ang cute naman nang suot mo! Gusto ko yung shirt mo! Pwede ba magpagawa din nyan?
Isha: Oh! I have to take your photo!

So durr, at least I have a photo of myself that I can share with you guys. Nope, not right now though, I'm just waiting for Isha to upload it so I can do a quick grab. Okay, straying from my original train of thought... Yes, colors for three days. And this button-down in Teal will be my top for later. I'll try to document todays outfit as well. Surprised that they have this in Oxygen, and in a silky non-crease fabric too. I like.
Deadma na yung hume-hello kong pimple dyan.
Heres another one that I liked. Okay, its not colored but still textured and volumized.
This one was a win too! Snagged it off the mens sale rack! Hah! At only 600 bucks! Steal! Sort of reminds me of Vince's blazer. Bincht? Diba may ganito ka?
Thanks Kat Reyes for inviting me to the store. =)
And after shopping, bumped into Jenni and Aryanna coming from the Jeremy Scott Swatch launch. And I'm like, :"Ha? Ngayon ba yon?" (although I cant even remember if we got an invite) Time blurs into work, sleep and waking up not knowing what day it is. Gah.

But Aryanna is too cute. Ah, to be young, and this pretty.


Anonymous said...

me loves the two tone shirt with your hair... ^_^

tim(O.o) said...


Kabbie said...

Hey Daryl! Stumbled upon your blog just now. I love Oxygen, too! It's one of my go-to stores for slouchy pieces. And oh, I also have that gray blazer, haven't worn it that much, though. See ya around Summit! :)

mario jr said...

I love Oxygen,one of my go- to brands. We have the same top pala, the blue/ gray one. Got it on sale rin dito sa Cebu.. hehe