Thursday, November 13, 2008


Its fitting that Santi would take inspiration from a warrior princess as his collection is the strongest among the New Generation category. Working within a palette of warm earth tones and bronzes, he encapsulates the modern glamazon with easy to wear pieces thats tweaked and embellished with surface details.
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The first piece out was a simple shift but done with a concentric pattern of pleating that results in a creative play on texture and shine. then an a-line tent dress in a layer of gauzy transparencies, the usual if not not for the asymmetric high neck construction done in shirred tiers. And my favorite, a frock done with drapes and assymetric strips and then shirred to create floaty volumes. Its not only very pretty but its different and directional. That's not to say that his vision ends there, he knows that ensembles are nothing if a regular woman can't wear it, so for the rational dressers, there are the jersey pieces: roomy blouson mini dresses, deep decolletage cinched empires. Its surprises like this that make Fashion Week worth watching, a new designer with the foresight to know that he doesn't need to go over the top to impress nor go too minimal to depress. A perfect balance, quite a feat for one's debut in Fashion week, but he has interpreted his vision into strong key looks, it is what he says it is, a collection with texture, movement and innovation in mind. But he also came up with a gamut of fresh, very wantable and gorgeous pieces. Well done if I say so myself, this designer is definitely one to watch out for.


BJ said...

i love this collection! the shoes completed the look.

oh, santi's a He :)

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

HEY BJ! omg, really? Have to post an erratum on my column then, changed it here already though. Damn, didnt get to see him in the final bow kse, my bad. Sorry!