Tuesday, March 23, 2010


At the Hermes launch, all the madames and their Birkins came out to mingle, chat over hor's d'oeuvre, sip Piper-Heidsieck Champagne (served at the Oscars!) in a setting of silver arches and giant orange colored rose arrangements. The brands uberexclusivity was of course mirrored in the execution. Since the Hermes store clearly could not accommodate all of the guests, they built this high hedge pathway leading from the store to the Ayala Museum, which doubly worked as a private screen from the public and established the strictly-by-invitation privileged feel.

Ubercool but a little bit freaky. Hermes signature logo of a horse and its popular equestrian motifs are brought to almost real life.

Instead of following the white rabbit, I followed the orange hoof marks.

They stand on guard along the way. It must have been very hot.

And of course the people. I was too shy to go up to the elegant ladies and ask them to be photographed, so i just stuck to my age set. Heeh, sorry. Besides, it was the new blood that gave the party a new fashion high, even without the Birkins. *nods*

Borgy, pulling off a Marlon Brando. Oversized jacket from his Dad.

Black was the go-to color, so I was quite happy to see Verushka in a twist front jeweled tone dress.

Contrast of styles on the sisters, rockstar chic on Katrina with body con and studs while it was easy tailoring on Hindy.

Love this two toned jacket from HK brand Indu Homme paired with corded tan trousers. Vince doing a play on textures and color that fabulously works!

Black can be the safest choice but with Balmain-ish structural shoulders like this and an ultra deep-V, it's dangerously fashyown!

Texture seems to be the mindset for the guys that night. Yay! A boring black suit just doesn't cut it. Contrast sleeve/lapel jacket on Raymond. Quirky bow tie for the win!

Bea Soriano in another rework of black, not seen here but her dress is actually a loose romper with cuffs on the hem, So cute!

And Bea's incorporation of the label to her outfit, a scarf tied to the ankles. Aylaveeeet!

Tim brings home the most stylish award for me. Ombre suit by Alexander McQueen.


Bub said...

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Izzy said...

Vince Uy is always very impressive.

NISSY ♥ IncognitoGlam said...

Love what Bea did with the scarf! Very interesting.



terranova said...

daryl, you always have such an eye for all things glam, ferosh & just plain darn beautiful...i'm diggin' the dress with the twisted top & the ultra loose romper!! thanks for all the fresh fashion ideas when i am in a rut!( like i am in now) this ferosh momma's gotta get stylin' for a trip & super thanks love for some bangin' ideas!! mwaaah!!!♥