Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm starting to look forward to what Mark Higgins wear in the lectures, it's bound to be something eyecatching and quirky.

Like this foliage Etro shirt that looks very graphic but is in fact embroidered.

Michael Salientes also in a white, gray and black combo, this one with slouchy jeans from Eairth, and a graphic button down from Liberty of London.

With this amazing bugs strewn all over. Makes me want to scratch on imaginary itches. heehee.

Vince Uy chanelling Givenchy with an op art shirt, i like that off-shade blue green jeans that he's wearing, perfect hue for trousers if you do want pants for summer.

Pauline making her shiny ruffled skirt casual with a perfect fitting tee shirt. Take note, It's a must have staple girls! it will go with anything!

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