Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm multi-tasking. I'm writing my column for Supreme as I'm writing this draft. I'm actually stumped on the other end so I figured maybe if I de-stress here, words would come out freely in the other.

Was anyone out on the roads earlier today? It was sooooooper, as in soooooper traffic because of that fire in Guadalupe. I seriously thought that my PMS was spiraling out of control because my patience quotient was running on unbelievable low, (as en I could almost feel heat radiating out of my hot head, migraine girl lang) couple that with unbelievable ***holic drivers who can't seem to wait for their turn, tear-hair-out-and-gnash my teeth frustration moment. Have you guys ever had that? Good thing I wasn't on my way to a meeting, that would have been even more stressful. Gasht.

Least theres shopping for consolation, to those who haven't been to the malls recently, Topshop and Topman are on sale since the 15th. And I thought I'd know that first since I practically live in the mall! Yup, still worth checking out though, I found these nice, tan, pleat-front trousers for only P1400 in Topman, but I was in a hurry earlier, no time to try it on. Will definitely go back tomorrow. And even a few pieces not marked as sale are on discount, I would know because half the items I picked that I wanted to pull out were from the regular racks--but I couldn't get it because it was also on sale. So try asking the SAs, that dress you've been eyeing on might be yours tomorrow!

Anyway, speaking of running low, I'm also almost empty on images to upload, no events till after Holy Week. Everything slows to a standstill come Thursday. Flying to Cebu to de-stress. I'm hoping I could take photos of local stylistas there, but I'm wondering when will I get the chance? And where? I'd really like to showcase Cebuano style naman, I'm pretty sure theres a lot! But how?

Well, least here's a start, Jun Escarios show for Fashion Watch. The luxury couturier from Cebu showcased his collection in his signature elegant, romantic classic-ness.

Jun backstage with Jae and Isha of stylebible.
Congratulation Jun!
After the show I went backstage to take a closer look at the clothes.
Heres a few more that I liked but didn't get to photograph.
Somehow this suit reminds me of Alexa Chung.
And a secretary dress thats so 70s, I like.

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