Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yup, second Forever 21 in Manila and still the people can't get over the plethora of choices. Without a strategic plan of action, the amount of clothes in the selling area can be overwhelming. Key is, to know what you want and control yourself from distractions. Hah. Easier said than done. Ako pa, once i step in, i never really leave empty handed. Except maybe for this one, I was smart enough to break-in new 4 inch heels and discovered that not only was it bigger than last I tried it on, it was excruciating to walk on. Hobble, hobble. So yea, I just ended up standing in the middle--people watching. Never even got to the shoe area. Boooo.

But since I'm in Forever 21 megamall every week anyway pulling out for my pages, I think I'll explore F21 v2 next week in non-uncomfortable shoes. In other words, flats. *cringe* I feel like the Fashion Gods are going to strike me for that...

Anyway, wasn't even sure that I would be able to go to the opening. That Thursday had me packed with store pullouts for a shoot the next day. But I wanted to go because not only does Forever 21 have a wide range of off-the-runway looks, the brand has always been one of the easiest stores to pullout from. And in publication speak, thats heaven sent. Cuts the time of producing a fashion story in half. So wanted to show support and say Thank You to the F21 team: Jane, Au, Kat and AC, Congratulations!

And oh, before I forget, there is a difference between the two stores--if youre torn on which branch to invade. The Makati one doesn't carry the basic line, it's mostly fashion--with particular styles delivered only to that branch. Hope that helps. And as for the event, the opening was still packed, the hip chics still came out with bulging yellow plastic bags, and the lines to the cashier were still a mile long.

Heres the selling space from the middle. Told you I wasn't moving much. Heeh. Anchored myself to this corner of the fast fashion world.
To my left, the "I Love H81" area.
And when I was still pretending that I could walk, I saw Sidney in his green 15" Cambridge batchel. He was actually one of the first people I saw toting this bag--Fashion Week last year--when the Cambridge wasn't even here in the Philippines yet.
Maia channeling Prada.
And more stripes on Peewee. Can't believe this girl just gave birth. Payat agad? Hate.
The Yap sisters, Boop and Kim inspired by the fabulous 70s. I'm liking that slit sleeve ha...
Mond in his suit/varsity jacket hybrid.
Prada brogues.
Sooper loved this outfit on Pauline: nautical, meets tailoring meets 70s meets YSL. Lavveeeet.
The gorgeous Marina Benipayo in piled on necklaces + orange dot sticker. We all had it.
On Tina Daniacs, it was cleverly incorporated in the outfit. Haha.
And more layered neckpieces on Jae of stylebible.
Preview best-dressed 2010 Loida Lim. Best dressed talaga sya, and I'm proud to say that I spotted her in one event and got her in the list. She really deserves it.
Well, yes, the maxi is the skirt of choice for those in the know. Blogger Kookie Buhain toughens hers with some rock n' roll.
Spikes versus fringe.
Superstealthing, I spotted this too-cool top.
Front view.
And full. So happy that I found new subjects to snapparize! and this girl Danica, apparently designed what she was wearing. Maghintay ka girl, papagawa ako sa iyo soon!!
Blogger and Liz Uy's assistant Lissa in a more girly take.
Nicole of Sole Phenomena. Soule Phenomenon.
THE Jane Kingsu of Forever 21.
Designer/blogger/model/lookbook sensation Camille Co.
And her Brian Atwoods.
Ingrid of thebaghagdiaries and Daphne of Daphne's Diary.
Kate. Well, of Kate Torralba. Heeh.
And some eye candy.. Hideo. Is that his brother on the side? Erm, medyo distracting yung baon nyang pandesal.
And the lines!
On the other end.

Congratulations Forever 21!

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