Friday, April 1, 2011


Pao got in his choice of University. Pao, all your worries were for naught. Didn't I tell you that you would? Now his only problem is choosing between NYU or Columbia. Kainis. Laki ng problema no? Even going as far as doing the pros and cons: "Columbia churns out journalists, while NYU produces authors.." More in his blog post "Where I got in and what I’d gotten myself into" , just in case you're facing the same dilemma. So to honor the occasion, we took our kids out to dinner. Pao brought his anak Raymond, and I brought mine, Anna.

Of course it was good food. I picked Mangetsu because they have the best Shrimp Gratin--and all of them haven't eaten there yet. It was recommended by Mother P, mentioned it to the boyf that we should go, and he surprised me by taking me out to dinner there on our very next date. So ever since, its been a place of good memories and super yumburger food.

We started with the Uni Omelette and Japanese Fried Chicken with three kinds of salt. Both 5 stars. (May ganon?)
Grilled meat will always be grilled meat. So okay lang. Haha.
This one though takes the cake. You know I soooooper as in sooooooper love Cheese!! So I died when I tasted this. Its a shrimp and mushroom risotto under all that layer of butter melted goodness. We ordered one but ended ordering another kse matakaw kme. Hahaha. (Riiiiice. I miss it, I've been on a no rice diet for a week now. Sigh)
And then for dessert, order the Ice cream tempura. I swear and sarap nya, hot/cold, creamy/crunchy at the same time. The boyf and I actually craved this last night and drove all the way from our dinner at The Collective to order a bowl. Happiness.
The usual suspects: L-R, Pao, Anna, Hannah and Rayms. Sorry for the awful blurriness, my camera died on me after taking this shot. Oh wellz.

Mile Long (Beside Sanggo!), Makati

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