Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, it IS really summer. And what better way to say hello to the heat with attention grabbing, ultra fluorescent arm candies like these? I've been wanting to have an everyday handbag that screams color. And as coincidence would have it, Madison just got their new shipment of Cambridge satchels. In eye-blinding fluoro!! Oemgee.
Their first deliveries of neon come in 11" ( the smallest size), in hot pink and electric orange. (Second deliveries will include a bright yellow and green) Sooo hard to chooose!
Oi. And it's real leather made in Great Britain love.
For those wanting the classic, it also comes in brown, and in purple, like the third bag on the very top photo.
Classic satchels (NOT the fluoros) come in these prices:
So affordable!!
And they also have the Batchel, satchels that come with handles. In Vintage Brown 15".
and a two-tone brown/black version.
This ones navy blue.
I couldn't decide if I wanted the pink or the orange. But when I tried this on, my heart skipped a beat. Which usually is a sign that means, yeeeeeeessssss, you're miiiiiiinnnneeee. I took it out today and I soooooooper love it. And when I say electric orange, I'm not exaggerating about its voltpowering brightness. You have to see (with sunnies on) to believe. Love, love, love eeeeeeet!!!
Wrap my baby up.
And I'm good to go. Thank you Penny and Madison for allowing me to have a preview.

2/F Power Plant Mall.
Better start stalking Madison because stocks are going to drop this week, and they sell out pretty fast. Yip!!


iamjillyace said...

Must have bag for summer! so cute!

Anonymous said...

The colors are so kalerks! I love 'em furah! :)

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Furaaaaah!!! I know! As en, it's like having a neon beam in the crook of my arms. Definitely not for the style wallflower. I miss you!!

Hey Jilly! Yah, Exactly! Super love mine to death! =)

Anonymous said...

OMG those are beyoooond ganduuuuuh! Neon kung neon, winner! How much are they Ms.DC? The neon ones, since you mentioned that the price range that you gave was for the classics. Hopefully i could get one this weekend. I don't know how you were able to choose just one, both the pink and the orange are gorge!!!! And the brown also, and the brown/black, and the purple...OMG they're all pretty!!!!!! Thanks for posting this!

melvel said...

I want the fluoro pink 11". I just put it on my birthday wish list in fact. Do you know how much it was? I'll go to Madison tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I miss you too Furalicious! See you guys again soon!! xoxo from LALALand.

Anonymous said...

Love my fluo pink satchel! Thanks penny!

Angela23 said...

Hi! Can i repost the pics in my blog? I'll put your link in it. :-) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Madison's facebook and twitter accounts are up. For updates and to join our promos, visit or follow us at


s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

Hi Angela, go ahead, repost the photos as long as you credit it. Thanks!

Welcome Madison Rockwell! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi. May I know what size is the orange Cambridge satchel?

Anonymous said...

Hi. What size is the orange Cambridge Satchel?

s t y l e s a m u r a i said...

The fluorescent orange Cambridge is an 11". =)

tatie said...

those bags are to die for!! I wish they have it in red :)