Monday, April 18, 2011


Wait, before that. A little background first.

Life sure is strange. No, thats not the background. Wait lang! Heeh. It's strange because I never really have qualms about approaching stylish people in public asking if I can photograph them. It could be my 8.0 Ixus thats the only non-credible thing in my arsenal of photo weapons but thats soon to be upgraded to a higher megapixel Canon. I love Canon!! (Just so you know, its not sponsored but a personal preference.) Yip! =) So last Thursday in Fashion Watch at The Shangri-La Makati lobby, i saw in the corner of my eye these two very dandy looking men. And I've never seen them before in the fashion circles so I was intrigued. New subjects! More so when I chanced upon the footwear, (intraspectator nga diba?) its was Prada Mens Spring Summer 2011 with the raffia soles and multi-colored body. And very hard to find!

Took this one on the sly--heeh, before I walked up to them and introduced myself.
Close up.
Say Hi to winners Chris!
With his Dunhill crest.
And his partner Ronald.
In this black boutonnière/brooch.

Well, when I asked them if I could take their photos, they both said they read my blog (*giddily happy*) and that they have an answer to my challenge. Of course I said, please post it in my comments, i would really like to hear what you have to say. And good thing they did because they are the winner for this weeks challenge!! Ding! Ding! Ding! Binggo!

Heres why.

Their answer.
"For us, to ignore or put it (Fashion) aside and dismissing it as mere frivolity and unnecessary."

That about sums up the whole frustration of the Philippine Fashion industry. That everyone else except for the people in it thinks that it is--shallow and frivolous I mean. Let's not forget that Fashion creates economies, in fact, in the U.S., its a billion dollar industry. And if you say that Filipinos have other priorities, of course we all do, but the way you match your shoes, to the tiniest speck of print on your shirt, even in your most normalest basicness still constitutes as fashion, and it defines you as well as it defines decades. So please, a little bit of respect for the industry that I love.

And. I was actually waiting for someone to answer:
I WOULD NEVER SAY NEVER. (wait, Justin Bieber lang? haha.)

That was my personal second answer.

But still, it was soooo hard to choose because you guys gave really good, honest, intelligent and sincere answers which I appreciate so much!! Thank you for taking time out to mull over it and write in the comments. Are you guys still up for another challenge? Please let me know here.


Julian said...

I think another challenge would be great, because I totally missed the first one (was it the first, or..? haha)

I love the answer they gave. And I find it upsetting that some people find being into fashion ridiculous and a waste of time! Really! Boo.

Great post, as usual!

Style Anywhere said...

stylish men! pang-sartorialist!
i love reading your blog! from serious stuff to quirky, funny notes!

Handpicked by Ron and Chris said...

Happy Easter! Super thanks for entry and it was great meeting you at Fashion Watch. Buti nalang your sneeky footwear shot wasn't a potential wardrobe malfunction in the making kahit malapit lapit na :)

Thank you and see you around!

(Maybe another challenge wouldnt hurt)