Sunday, April 24, 2011


The boyf asked to keep Wednesday night free, my last night before I flew to Cebu. And since it was birthday week, okay, i thought, must be a good dinner in some new resto that we haven't tried yet. But when I told him that I had a shoot at 6 that day and will probably finish at around 730 to 8ish, he panicked and let slip that we have to be somewhere by 8.

Gasht, so that sort of unscrewed my organized day. Like, what was I suppose to wear? I had to run around the morning pa to pull out and be at the studio to sort the shoot by 6. In turn, that made me dress up in the morning for a record of two hours. i wanted an outfit that would transition me from working--but dressy enough to go straight to wherever we were going. I asked if I was to wear anything in particular, and his reply was an ambiguous: "Comfy shoes." Phaaaak. Was he taking me out to a picnic? In grasslands? With a lot of walking involved? Stress Drillon!!!

Anyway, turned out, it wasn't all of the above. Heeeeh. He surprised me and took me to the Radio Department concert!! Which was even better! Never even figured it out till we were outside Glorietta 3. And I'm like, what? I need comfy shoes to go to the mall? haha. And then like a final jigsaw clicking into place, i guessed: Eeeek, we're going to a concert!!

A brief background: I asked him before if we were watching and he said no, some excuse about--I can't even remember... But it was a surprise! Yay! *so happy* and to think I told him that I wanted to listen to their album first before we went pero, nooooo. No time to brush up and review. It was like being lead blind. I have to say, again, never even heard of their music before. Although I did have the Marie Antoinette album where three of their songs were featured, can't say I'm a fan. But of course, the boyf takes care of the indie rock/post-modern/dreamwave side of this relationship while i take care of the indie/electro/dance/rock of it. Perfect combo. He introduces me to bands that he likes and same as with me. Although the bands that I like never come here, sigh. They're almost always the DJ sets like A-Trak, Kid Killy, Tittsworth, ATFC, and Aoki. LMFAO was a surprise, didn't know they were a band till I saw them live. Pero, di na ako choosy. I'll take em all.

Of course, loved the sound of the Radio Department. Although I was also impressed by the local band who did front act. Moscow Olympics, again, so obscure but apparently known internationally! And turns out, Elaine from Fred Perry is the wifey of the vocals: AJ!

Why do Swedish acts pose in this sort of same melancholic mood?
Elaine=Rockstars wife! Yiiiii. Haha.
Moscow Olympics.
Click below to hear their music.
Cut the World - Moscow Olympics
And then it was the Radio Department.
Elaine and AJ! Sweet! =)
And after the show, people watching. everywhere we shoot: Ryan + Garovs. i swear, you guys look the same na!!
The gorg and talented Glaiza.
Diego of Pedicab and wifey Ge.

Thank you B! It was an aaaawesome birthday pressie!!! =)

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